Tuesday, March 15, 2011

on being single

it stinks. i miss the companionship i had with my husband. sometimes i think about things that were said and done and wonder what if... but i can not dwell on that its not the healthiest thing in the world to do.

i thought i would come up with a list of things that are not crappy about being single

i dont have to share the bed. except for when the littles crawl in at night for snuggle time
we LOVE snuggle time
i do not need to wear ear plugs when i sleep at night- yes, the snoring was that awful
i dont have to share the remote control
i get to have all the juice i want. there would be times when i would never ever get a glass of juice because the littles and he would drink it all before i had a chance
i dont rush home to cook a meal, do the dishes, clean the house
i only cook twice maybe three times a week, the littles and i dont mind left overs
i dont have to feel bummed when i wake up in the morning and find a mess in the kitchen/ living room that i cleaned up the night before
i get alone time to be myself to sleep in to listen to what i want to go where i want
i dont have to feel bad when i dial his number to say hello and he says " what can i do for you" towards the end this was happening A LOT it should have been hi! how are you ?how is your day? i miss you!
i dont need to repeat myself
i appreciate myself and my children more.
i'm less hard on myself and what i did not get done- its not like he harped on me its just i always felt like i was the one doing everything all of the time when it came to the kids and the house
im less exhausted
my silly attempts at flirting and keeping the spark alive can be put on the shelf. eventually the right person will come along and appreciate me texting them silly things or emailing them to say hello stud muffin have a nice day
the only underwear that is left on the bathroom floor is mine. I pick it up when im out of the shower i put it in the laundry and i go about my day
i mark my calendar with / for important events and dont have to constantly remind someone whats going on
i chase after my kids when we are at parties because thats what i do i dont feel left out because i have to keep an eye on the littles while someone else ignores us
i dont have to feel dumb or stupid when i hear " i still can not believe you ahve not seen purple rain all the way through" - listen my parents regulated what i watched growing up and im glad they did i enjoy my bubble or innocence that i have it helps make me who i am - one of a kind.
my self esteem seems to be getting higher...maybe cause i'm seeing i can do things on my own

* obviously i am having an up day. sometimes im up sometimes im down i mean there are lots of things i miss too many really to list. i dont know if those things will make it to a blog post maybe i will just keep it private and write a letter to God about those things and pray on them

Friday, March 11, 2011

More of the past

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Snaps From My Absence

Just beause i was not writing does not mean I was not snapping some pics ... Here are some of my favorites



More to come...

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