Friday, May 29, 2009

FABMAMA Review: Kicks Snickerdoodle Cookie Dry Mix

Picture 268

Kicks cookies what a fantastic little name for a company that makes these delicious cookies. I picked them up at my favorite place to shop Spud .. you should know that by now!

I picked up some cookie mix it was the snickerdoodle chocolate chip. We all know that I am many things a baker not so much,but hey give a curlie girlie some credit... I try.

When I saw the packaging and spotted the clover cow I knew I was in for a treat.

Picture 264

I followed the directions set my oven to the right degrees, creamed the butter and eggs mixed in the dry ingredients and portioned out my cookies.

Picture 273

The recipe on the bag states that the ingredients will make about 15 , 3 inch cookies. I made a couple extra big for E but it was pretty right on.

I love the smell or fresh baked cookies, it reminds me of childhood. Ok, back to the cookies. They baked well, came up a little flatter then I expected but I am blaming that on my cookie sheet and not the mix.

Picture 270
flatter than expected but good homemade cookie coloring.

I think these cookies in particular were very tasty. I liked the flavor of the snickerdoodle topping mixed in with chocolate chips. I think it was kinda genius pairing these two cookie flavors together. They baked well, aroma was yummy, they had the right texture. The cookies had good dunk ability( ALL COOKIES SHOULD BE ABLE TO BE DUNKED IN MILK OR HOT COCOA, If you can not dunk it is it really a good cookie?)

Picture 271
COOOKIEEE (I am paying homage to cookie monster, forgive me preschoolers on the brain)

The cookies stored well in my handy dandy baked goods box and we ate them for a few days. Need to place a new order for some more ... Next time I am thinking the dark chocolate cookie mix.

Get some Kicks find them here

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

fabmama review: Luna mini s'mores

Luna sent over samples of their fabulous little mini bars for the annual cvmc event. We had quite a few left over after our bag stuffing party. I took a few home to give them a go when I'm mobile or need a little extra snack at work.

These cute little Luna bars are re same as the traditional bats but smaller so they are cuter. 1 mini s'more bar is 2 points. Fantastic. I am going to be on the look out for these little mini bars while I am grocery shopping this week and plan on keeping some at home and work. Smart, cheap (point wise) snacking.

a sideways lunch for a sideways day

Today's box. Let me begin by saying I am having a crappy day. I got a night of terrible sleep, then I overslept. I was late this morning and have not much of an appetite. But life goes on. I am a little behind on work projects and can not take the time on my lunch to correct this picture on flikr so I am posting it how it is for now.

In the box

tortilla salami sandwich, with mango chutney and salad green (5) Side salad (0) Hard boiled egg (2... that I get to save because I really don't want a hard boiled egg today... I am in a egg rut!) sugar snap peas I am not eating (0) and a fruit strip I am not eating (1)

I did have a toffee nut latte from starbucks for breakfast however, it did not wake me up. I am hoping the day will get better.

On The Menu: Fish Tacos

Tuesday night dinner, Chimchurri salmon tacos, served with chimchurri rice. Picked up both the salmons fillets and the rice at Trader Joe's. An easy 20 minutes dinner. after the rice and the fish had cooked. I warmed up the tortillas in the microwave for 10 seconds. once out of the microwave I started building my taco. First the salad greens, then sliced fish fillet. Next was salsa, and trader Joes's cilantro dressing topped off with avocado. I served it with 1/2 cup of the rice. This delicious dinner cost me 10 of the 15 points I had left for the day. Not bad. Different, delicious and did I say yummy!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Papa Moco Jumbie

LMg loves this video and we all have to stop what we are doing to dance along. The first time he saw this he went running into the room to get E and drag him in the living room and announce that the daddy in the video was E and that the boy was him, "that's me, that's Gabriel"

A cute little video I wanted to capture and save forever, thus its appearance on my lovely little blog. I was searching for a better quality video but this was all I could find. forgive me and enjoy!

Tuesday Eats

As predicted I was not at work long enough yesterday to get to eat my lunch. So I used almost the same items for today's box.

breakfast: Trader Joe's fig bar (2) fiberful fruit strip (1) michelle-mocha (1)

lunch : turkey sandwich on whole grain bread (4), baked beans 1/2 cup (2), sugar snap peas (0)

Points planned for the first half of the day 10.

Monday, May 25, 2009

FabMama Review: Niman Ranch Fearless Franks For Kids

Great franks to have around the house. What I liked the most about these franks is they where very crisp when you bit into them . There was a little bounce off of the frank which sometimes you don't find in an ordinary hot dog when you sink your teeth into. Maybe the difference is that they are franks and not ordinary dogs. The flavor was great. I usually do not like hot dogs, but I gave these a try because they are organic. Another great thing about these franks is that they are versatile and a kid pleaser! Woo hoo I am always looking for something that will makes the littles happy and they will want to eat.

I served these a few different ways while I had them int he fridge. Traditional frank style, sliced and grilled over brown rice, and fabu-dog style.

Franks can be a great throw back dinner The Niman Ranch Fearless Franks with Amy's organic baked beans are a great pairing as well.

LMG eating his franks with brown rice.

Picture 246
Another satisfied little chomping on franks and rice.

Picture 247
Gabriel eating his dog big boy style. His first attempt at proper hot dog eating might I add.

Picture 240
Ideas for frank night: buns, mustard, ketchup, baked beans, Cookies and , juice.

Picture 284
A great pairing with franks... think traditional frank and bean dinner. My bean hound of a little David was not a big fan, he rarely turns down beans but it took him a few tries to decide if he liked them. Eventually he warmed up to their sweet tomato taste. I really liked these beans. I liked the flavor and a serving is only 2 points. Pictured is the actual 1/2 cup serving. Great with dinner small and hearty enough to put in your lunch box for a filling lunch.

Picture 281
A rare moment of preschooler sharing. E liked these dogs too and requested I order them again soon.

Picture 282
A frank grown up style... or shall I say Fabu-Dog Style. Toppings were nature value mustard, chopped onions, chopped avocado, and sprinkled fontina cheese. HOLY COW was this frank good! I served it with a side salad and enjoyed my frank feast. Yummy looking, no?

Picture 283
Another snap of this delicious meal.

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Memorial Day Lunch Box

Picture 279, originally uploaded by michelleccmt.

I have to work on Memorial Day, something I am not happy about. However , here I am. Today's lunch box is short and sweet.

Green salad (0) Amy's baked beans in tomato sauce (2) and a mix of sugar snap peas and cherry tomatoes. (0)

I also packed a Trader Joe's fig bar (2) for breakfast or a snack. To be quite honest i don't expect to be eating this box today. It seems slow and I will be sending myself home soon enough.

Happy Memorial Day

This is Serious

Picture 277, originally uploaded by michelleccmt.

I need to stop hanging out with little kids, I am starting to snack like them. Just kidding. My ode to the Wonder Pets. I served the littles some celery and peanut butter yesterday as a snack. LMG is always wanting to munch on celery because he loves The Wonder Pets, but when I give it to him he takes one bite and bails.

I took a dollop of peanut butter and put on a bowl then sprinkled in some golden raisins, and dry cherries mix. I topped it with flaked coconut. I then showed the littles how they can dip their celery into the peanut butter and use it to pick up the raisins and coconuts.

They liked doing this and ended up eating a lot more celery then I expected.

I duplicated their snack but made it in a fashion that is more traditional , no need to dip celery into the pb I can handle and traditional ants on a log in the snow stick the way it is suppose to be enjoyed.

FAB MAMA Review : Santa Cruz Organic Apple Juice

Picture 257

Hold the Apple Sauce! This juice is hands down the best apple juice I have ever had in my life. PERIOD! I am not a big juice drinker I have a glass here and there when I get bored with water. When I got this juice from Spud I could not believe how delicious and crisp it is.

E was even impressed. His exact words were " Oh man, this is like biting into an apple". I love this juice, the littles love this juice and the hubby love this juice. I think it's priced right, it's organic and it is delicious.. all good reasons why you should pick some up. You can find it here.

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Spud Box: Let' s see whats inside!

Picture 278

This weeks Spud Box had the following yummy-ness
Avocado, Hass - 2
Bananas - 1.5-2 lbs - 4
Celery - 1
Cucumbers - 2
Peas, Sugar Snap - 0.5 lb
Peppers, Mixed Sweet - 1 pint - 1
Salad Greens, Spring - 4 oz - 1
Tomatoes, Cherry - 1
Zucchini - 2
Organic Apple Juice - 32 OZ
Organic Crazy Eights - 8

This box was perfect for a long weekend. We got the usual every week needs, avocados, peppers, bananas. The box was also filled up with some not so often purchased veggies, like zucchini and sugar snap peas.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Lunch Box

Picture 276

Last day of the week for me. So glad to be getting out of the office for a few days and plan on enjoying time with my family.

Today's box is left over TJs pasta with chicken and mango chicken sausage (5)
Cliff Bar chocolate brownie (4) , Fruit Strip (1)

Lunch total 10.. kinda high and I probably will not eat the cliff bar, but swap it out for the orange (2 pts) but i was in a rush this am and grabbed whatever was on the shelf.

I had a tall toffee nut soy latte from Buckys this Am and a morning bun total 8 points. Kinda high but again I was late and in a rush so i grabbed that a lazy choice I know however I did hit the gym yesterday and earned at least 4 points so I figure it kinda in a way evens out.

My weekend is full or parties a margarita fest tonight with the CVMC, a pamper event goody bag stuffing party tomorrow, wine and potluck on the menu and the a b- day party this Saturday. UGH it will be hard to in stay with in range with all of the alcohol I will be around so I gotta hit the gym extra hard, and probably take few extra walks int he next few days .

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wednesday Lunch Box

Picture 275

Breakfast: Trader Joe's Fig Bar (2), Sausage patty, Morning Star (2)
Breakfast total (4)

Lunch: PB&J (4) Whole Wheat Crackers (2), Fiberful fruit strip(1)
Lunch total (7)
*I brought a orange (2) if I need a snack mid morning or before I hit the gym today.

Have a happy hump day!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Lunch Box

On the menu on this lovely Tuesday:

Breakfast, fruit bowl topped with shredded wheat (4)
Lunch, side salad no dressing (0) Morning Star Meatless sausage Patty(2), Amy's vegetarian beans in tomato sauce 1/2 cup (2) ... lunch total 4

Today's point total so far 8. I am attempting to eat less meat again and eventually give it up completely. This has been a progression over the last year that I have taken my flexi-terian-ism seriously. Last summer I gave up meat for 3 months. It was an attempt to become a vegan but I longed for milk and cheese like you would not believe and it was hard finding tasty vegan snacks, especially for my sweet tooth. But I believe the time is right to make a commitment and exclude meat entirely.

The main struggle I have had with this is that I am the cook in the house. At this time I can not very well outlaw meat en mi casa. So when I am whipping up a great looking, smelling and tasting meal I want to eat it. UGH! So frustrating!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Their Red Period

A snap of toddler/preschooler art. I brought home some art the littles conjured up last week. As artists I am not sure how they are developing? At first I could not decide if they were learning more about the color red or what.. but then my mom informed me they are out of paint and I need to send some more over. The littles love to paint!

In the center LMG created this mom helped. At first I was scared to touch it I thought it was a crushed creature of sorts. I was then informed that its a pine cone painted red... then rolled in raw rice kernels painted with more red( did I tell you they are out of other colors) and then tied with a bow. Not my most favorite project, but I still hung on the fridge like a good mommy. On the shopping list this week... more paint!

Monday Eats

On the eats menu for a fabulous Monday

Side salad no dressing (0) morning star veggie patty(2) trail mix (3) string cheese (2) Fruit Strip (1)
Total for lunch box 7

Not pictured but enjoyed a coffee drink I made myself at home saving cash and points gotta love it. My coffee drink (2)

So far today I have consumed 9 points. More than half way through the day and lots of points to kill.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Friday To You!

Hope you have a brilliant weekend... Here is what is on my agenda

some wine

some sleep

Sip The Lights
more wine

"Strong coffee"
a stong cup of coffee

Love is in the air...
some love in the sun

photos 1 2 3 4 5

Happy Friday Eats

Picture 249

I attempted to one up the sandwich from Thursdays box and make it a little more exciting and a smidge healthier by putting it on a whole wheat tortilla and adding my salad greens and tomatoes to the wrap along with the turkey and red pepper smear. I am sure it will taste yummy but it fell apart when I was wrapping it up so its not that pretty. Oh well, it was 5:00 am when I made it and I had not had coffee yet. I added in some TJ's whole grain crackers for my 9:00am snack attack 10 crackers to be exact, a Valencia orange and a Cliff bar mint chip flavor.

I stopped in at my commute buckys this morning grabbed a tall toffee nut latte non fat hold the whip and a morning bun because I have been a good girl all week and had a quick gab fest with the baristas about the media buzz surrounding Jon and Kate Plus 8 and how mean we all think she is to him and then headed off to work latte in hand listening to cosmo radio with a smile on my face!

Thursday Eats

Picture 237

On the menu yesterday for lunch I made a smashing turkey sandwich. I had Italian turkey with red pepper smear on sourdough. ON the side a little salad and fruit box with strawberries and bananas. Has anyone else noticed I have totally given up on counting points on these boxes actually I have stopped counting points completely I feel like a weight watchers drop out... still going to meetings but lazy on tracking.

Dinner: Turkey Cutlets

Dinner last night was fast and simple. Turkey cutlets, mushroom risotto and asparagus. I seasoned up the cutlets with a spice blend that I have created a little bit of cumin, lemon pepper, a dash of Cinnamon and a super secret ingredient. The spice blend gave the cutlets a smokey full flavor. I liked it so did the littles. The mushroom risotto is a Trader Joe's fave. I pan seared some asparagus and called my meal 20 minute meal done!

A Bag full of Yummy From Spud

More to come from from Spud. A meal review from the CV Fab Mama herself! I will be bust in the kitchen this weekend.

My Spud Box

Another week another box many a favorite in this weeks box, plus other delightful things from Spud.

Avocado, Hass - 2
Bananas - 4
Lettuce, Red Leaf - 1
Mangos, Tommy Atkins - 1
Oranges, Valencia - 6
Peppers, Red
Salad Greens, Baby Romaine
Strawberries 1
Tomatoes, Grape Cherry
Potato Rosemary - 16oz (Grace Baking)
Organic Crazy Eights - 8 (Dee's Mini Doughnuts)

Stay tuned for a meal review compliments of my friends at Spud.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

OMG , Finally DONE


The massage pods project for the CVMC Pamper Event if finally done thank God I was sick of making these things. Hopefully, the moms in the club will like them and I can get some business from them.


Sunday Morning


A typical weekend morning. Me sitting at the kitchen table with my make-up collection, coffee, Dee's mini donuts... while the little eat breakfast and I listen to momversation or cruise facebook.


A Yummy Mothers Day Treat


A snap of me and a strawberry cone (a mother day treat) @ Snowflake in Milipitas. My mom , sis and myself headed to the San Jose Flea Market for the day. This was a stop we made on the way home.

Cupcake Cards!


I wrote in an earlier post that since I began blogging I have come across many a crafty little blog and craft idea. I found these delicious cards here. I made them up for the the moms in our lives. My mom, the boys godmothers oh and my sis because she is such a help you know. I have yet to deliver the cards to the godmothers so I hope they don't read this posting just yet.

So cute huh!

Happy Third Birthday LMG



We had a small family dinner for LmG's third b day. On the guest list: my little fab family and my parents. On the menu: my famous baked chicken , my infamous baked pasta and my even more famous salad.





The most exciting part of the night: A PW Market cake!