Tuesday, June 7, 2011

happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me. another year older and a little more wiser. its funny how a year can change a persons entire life... funny how one could think their entire life hung on one person. i have so many plans for this year. i plan on making it one of the best of my life. somehow i feel like its not going to be hard at all. here is a short list of things im planning on:

smile always- i have a great one so why hide it
hug and kiss my sons as much as possible each and every day
embrace all of the great people God has put on my path.
enjoy and cultivate new friendships -water them and watch them grow
remain positive, fabulous, fresh
don't block my blessings
sing & dance often - in the shower, in the ca,r in the kitchen while making dinner
be - be a busy bumble bee- let things be - enjoy the moments of being - be myself
pull out my handy dandy life list - many bloggers have one and start marking things off- will publish at later time
learn something new
cook one new recipe a week
shine brightly

mostly im looking forward to all the happiness my little heart can take

Sunday, June 5, 2011

From the mouths of babes ...

It's been a long weekend. Vomitting diarrhea fevers and all sorts if ickiness. I've been dr. Mom since Friday at around 2 am
When baby G up - chucked all over my bed. Good times! Gees, reading this is kinda gross - sorry :|
Making homemade soup running a 5 year old to the bathroom and hoping we make it on time ,a few times we didn't
And basically isolation all weekend long but you know what I wouldnt have it any other way. I'm a mommy and that's what the job entails.
All of this will never get repaid or appreciated or recognized but it warmed my heart when my son said this to me today while i was rocking his clammy body in my arms- he's a boy now no longer a baby these moments are soon going to be over- I realized that today

G: mommy thank you for taking care of me like a doctor. When I'm done being sick you can go back to normal. I love you mommy I love that you take care of me cause I'm your sugar booger buggy boo baby bear. You will always take care of me cause we are a team.

Awww that's my bebe!!
I smiled and said yes, always baby bear and kissed the top of his head. Burning the memory of this in my brain-forever.
Fingers crossed David and I dont catch this nasty bug

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Little Photos

The littles love my iphone. They have always been a fan but now they are really really into it since they have grown up enough to play some games. I find myself very often handing it over to them so they can play with it. We have to set a timer so each boy gets equal time. Im always on the look out for free kid apps to keep them busy. Once upon a time in a former life I had an ipad but thats no more. I need to try and save up some cash and maybe invest in one for christmas for the kids especially Gabriel since hes really taken to studying, learning to read and such.

One of their favorite things to do is take pictures. Yes, its true i have handed down my photogenic genes to my babies. We are always stopping and posing. Recently Gabriel took his first photo. you can see it below. He prefers to shoot photos using the hipstamatic app. Why? im not sure but he hunts the app out and take pictures around the house.

The following pictures are:
David's first iphone picture he was a little off but we loved it

Gabriel's first iphone photo which i am so in love with its one of my current favorite photos of myself I love this moment he caught we were staying up late on a Friday night watching Survivor... the littles love Survivor :)

Lastly, Gabriel's most recent iphone photo. Hes got a good eye that kid. He always seems to capture me in the right light.