Monday, June 28, 2010


No these are not avatar colored cutlets although they look like they could be. These are some cooling pads for my ever puffy eyes that I am suffering from these days. Just wanted to share a bit of my evening with you.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Is this normal? No, not the little making monkey faces to get on camera. He is always doing that. The little foot lined up next to my hand. Bbd is only two and he has ginormous feet. E and I always giggle and laugh about how big he's going to be but it was really kinda shocking to see it measured out, if you will.

How are we going to afford to feed him when he's grown up? :) he is already a grazer and busy noshing here and there all day long. Aye yia yi . Ok that was a random photo and thought for the day.

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A Week of Eats

Another week another four bento boxes.

Monday: I had breakfast inspired lunch. We hated a brunch BBQ that was brilliant for fathers day so this was some left over yumminess. Eggs,fruit salad,taters , a little yogurt for breakfast along with a mini bran muffin

Tuesday : tomato soup, a salad with bell peppers and turkey breast, some tofu I crumbled up and added to the soup and some Quaker rice cakes

Wednesday: berry yogurt for breakfast, rice and steak with a bran muffin for lunch.

Thursday: my favorite day of the week :)

Thomas bagel thin sandwich with turkey breast and Dijon mustard. A side salad, laughing cow cheese wedge, and a crunchy tj bar.

I am looking through my iPhone camera roll and I seem to take a lot of pictures of food. So since I am here let's take a look...

A party on Saturday omg way too much food

Saturday night gelato I found this place sweet orchid on yelp it's a gem.

The office puts out a lame breakfast spread on Tuesday mornings. Two weeks ago I suggested some yogurt and muffins. I was tired of fatty bagels . They still need some help on improving it but I have too many work tasks to add on sprucing up the breakfast buffet and free eats are free eats. I should stop complaining .

Dinner on Wednesday: my husband was kind enough to cook twice this week.

Friday night dinner: again thank goodness for hubbies

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Crazy Hat Kid

Wednesday was crazy hat day at G's school. I was thinking what could we make up that would be wild and crazy. I came up with a wild crazy mixing bowl hat.

I had a basic mixing bowl laying around my desk at work for some odd reason so I snagged it up and went through some art supplies we had at home

A little wild crazy imagination and brainstorming with G and my handy dandy glue gun and this is what we came up with...

He loved it and I heard it was a big hit at school well in E's opinion anyways.

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Preschool Art

More and more preschool art. I have so much collected.

A paper plate with a pattern

Easel brush strokes

Mulitmedia ;) paint and marker

Glitter on a paper plate

Red and purple brushstrokes on pink paper

Blue and green brush strokes on green paper

My art bug he's getting so big!

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Bento Boxes

Two weeks of bento-licious

A sideways bento picture
Breakfast blackberries mixed with yogurt and shredded wheat

Lunch salad with a quarter of a claim jumpers meatloaf sandwhich and some Ginger snaps (I treated myself it was my birthday)

Tuesday lunch: chicken leg with rice and black beans a salad and a crunchy trader joes bar

1 egg salad with trader joes wasabi mayo tomatoes, a slice of Swiss cheese and 3 pieces of salami,
Some kashi crackers and a brown rice chocolate rice treat

Chicken leg with rice tomatoes and a juice box

Monday 6/14
Breakfast : shredded wheat and bagel with nutella

Lunch: nutella and jam on wheat sandwhich, shredded wheat, fruit strip ( I never ate the crunch bars)

Tuesday : spaghetti with cheerios, did not eat the crunch bar or oatmeal we had brunch at the office

Office brunch with coffee it was good ...filling

Wednesday: veggie patty on 1 point bagel thin with salad and shredded wheat


Thursday: tj's fig bar. Had this for breakfast with a hot chocolate, rice( blah! I am so bored with rice), a pork chop I made for dinner last night.

Looking at these pictures I notice that Thursday's box is always boring could be because I need to go shopping during the weekends .

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Little Words

I was mindlessly staring into the computer screen trying to let my brain settle down and I happened to come back to reality in time to hear this little conversation ...

LmG: You see that picture?
BbD: Yeah Yeah!
LmG : That's me when I was a baby
BbD: You were a baby?
LmG: Yeah once upon a time I was

I just sat here staring at them standing on the couch looking at a selection of baby pictures I have hung on the wall of the littles. Kind of in awe, kind of surprised and defiantly teary eyed. I wonder what else they talk about when I am around or when they don't think I am listening.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


A peek at the week in lunch boxes - yum!

Monday box: pad Thai with tofu,Ginger chicken, salad with smidge of dressing

Tuesday: breakfast: fig cereal bar, shredded wheat, hardboiled egg

Lunch: bagel thin sandwhich with chicken and spinach, cheese stick, side salad

Skipped lunch on Wednesday not sure why
But a peek at what I'm doing while I am drafting this up on Saturday afternoon:) I love being lazy :p I have been a dedicated days of our lives watcher since the 3rd grade.

Thursday: fiberful fruit strip, crunchy tj bars, cheddar cheese stick, side salad, hardboiled egg

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Flippin' Story Time - Llama Llama Red Pajama

The first of the llama llama book. The littles love them all.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dear David May 2010

Dear David,

On Monday our family went to Half Moon Bay to celebrate Memorial Day. It was our first time taking a day trip that lasted all day. I am feeling more confident that we can handle a day of adventure with out the extra help of your grandparents or Titi. I watched you walk to the waters edge with your daddy and brother. I thought to myself, time has really gone by fast these last two and a half years. I am amazed at how tall you have gotten, that shortly you may catch up with your brother in height. I watched you watch the waves as they hit the shore. I watched as your daddy lifted you up so that you would not get wet again (you did not like the water touching your feet I noticed... probably too cold) I giggled to myself as you made your way back to me on the dry warm sand running as fast as your little legs could take you. Arms wide open I greeted you for a hug and asked if you liked the ocean and if you had fun. Your answer was " No. I sit with you mommy!"

And there we sat for a long time. Not saying much as you munched on your snack and played with a toy you dragged with us from the car. I watched you run your toes in the sand. I watched you watch other people. I watched you watch your brother. I thought to myself, this little boy and I are a lot a like. It's funny the things you notice when you just sit and watch someone you love be themselves.

I love you more and more each day. The taller you grow, the more you talk, the more your little shell cracks open . I love watching you become the person you are going to be.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Gabriel - May 2010

Dear Gabriel,

Every day your growing more and becoming more independent. You seem to be in a rush to grow up. You watch older boys when we are at a party or at the playground. You often mimic their actions their words. I'm really not sure if I should encourage you to do this or if I should nudge you to find your own way. Watching you watch them makes me think back to when I was young and listening to my mom always to tell me to be a leader, don't follow other people. I fell into cliques,was a victim of peer pressure and wonder if you are headed down that path. I see your frustration when the older boys will not acknowledge you. "He's too little" I have heard them say to each other, but still you follow them. Many times you have looked for me " They won't play with me". It hurts my heart watching you get teary eyed wanting so badly to be one of them. I feel that you crave it, you have to have their acceptance. It's times like this that I find parenthood a hard job. Part of me wants to tell you to find something else to do, to thicken your skin so that you can shrug off less then friendly behavior and get ready for more of it as you get older. Part of me wants to take you and give you a hug and tell you to come play with me, we will find something to do but when I do that you pull away and tell me your too big for hugs and kisses. Which has made me sad from time to time. David watches you often. He mimics everything you do but he seems to know hes not ready to play with the big boys. He hangs back and watches you run, jump and do what the other boys do and tells me " Gabriel is a big boy" I hear the anticipation in his voice, he also can not wait to grow up.

We are at the end of your first "school year" of preschool. You love school although you get frustrated because your still learning to use words rather than your fists to resolve a conflict. We are working on it. I don't know where this little temper of yours comes from. That's not true, I do. I have a bit of a temper myself. Again its things like this that make being a parent hard. You never really think your going to pass down your temper, your snippy attitude or your mean streak. I have however passed along all of these little traits to you my love. They are as I call them Michelle-isms or shall I now say Gabriel-isms.

Last Friday we were in the kitchen making a batch of cupcakes. This is you new favorite Friday after school activity. You sat patiently waiting to mix in the butter, stir in the eggs and of course lick the spoon. I watched you work the whisk the way I have showed you over and over. I thought to myself. I am blessed to have you in my life and I am a lucky person to be able to give you all of the love my heart has to give.