Saturday, January 30, 2010

Random : the month in review

Hi checking in with curl puffs just in case u forgot what I look like ... Now more random pictures from the month


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Preschool Art

End of Jan. 2010

Splashes of color from my little luv bug. I like the aqua circle do I hung it up in the living room. The copper piece of art I traced 10 little hearts out of it and cut them out to make a valentines day garland to decorate this house this month.

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Project pamper me week 4

Thought I would try something new this week. I have a collection of salt bath that has been hanging out in a drawer for a while now . I can not remember where I got this salt bath but I hate waisting stuff and have been wanting to dump it for awhile now so I put it to use. It kinda reminded me of baby powder when I sniffed it so I added a fresia bath cube to help soften and scent the water.

Dried chamomile flowers . This is a weird combo who but it together ?

All in all a boring bath . But David was having a blast. I was so bored with my baby smelling bath I had to add a little bit of bubble magic.

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Project pamper me week 3

Bonus bubbles!

I snuck in an extra bubble bath during week three! Such a waste of water but so much fun and I deserve it.

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Project pamper me week 3

Well hello ! Finally found what I was looking for in bubbles. LOVE brand coconut milk foaming bubble bath. I picked this up at Ross for a fantastic sticker price of $2.99. Oh I love when a bargain works out ... Don't you?

Anyways this bubble bath was fantastic! I had a great play list going. With some of my favorites tunes and some new music I have been introduced to . Since I wad soaking for so long I decided to apply my Pink Papaya face mask for an even more indulgent pamper session .

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Project pamper me week 2

If we are friends on facebook you have already seen this picture. Week two of project pamper me was going along swimmingly. This bath was bubbled up with the Avon kids bubble bath. Can you see the difference... You would think that a store that sells bath products to women would come up with a better bubble. Oh well.

I am loving these bubble baths. I look forward to them. I have even found myself trying to sneak in extra dose of bubbles during the week.

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Project : pamper me week 1

Bubble baths , oh how I have grown to love you after a month of indulging myself each week. So since I have been a lazy blogger let me go back and recap the last few.

Week one I startered out using this yummy smelling bubble bath from bath and body works. Butterfly flower it's a very floral bright smelling soak. But the bubble potential was less than thrilling .

Hmm not as lux as I was hoping for. Infact I have found that The Avon bubble bath kids has much more bubble bearing ability. Not as girlie smelling as I would like however.

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Snaps of my Weekend

                  Had drinks and snacks @ Buffalo Bills  with my girl friends C and R lots of girl talk.

 Completed and mail out my first pen pal Letter for Girls Inc.
                                This is my third year participating in this project and I enjoy it a lot.
                                     I am looking forward to getting my letter from my pen-pal
                                        I wonder who she is  what she will  be like this year.

                               Had a date night with E and stumbled upon this fabulous little sushi place
                                  Thanks Yelp for making a great night possible with this little gem

                                             Had a hot cocoa with my honey and got the littles
                                                          a work book lmG to be exact

                                                     Played Casey Jones with the littles
                                   lmG was Casey and bbD was the bad guy  cowboy train robber

                                                              Love these silly littles

                                                              Snuggled with my baby

January Preschool Art



I have been really busy with work and other distractions these days and have been forgetting to upload my littles works of art. So here we go I present you lmG Preschool art. Ten messy little fingers and I am sure paint brushes went into making these . I need to decorate the house for Valentines day so I think since I have so many of these laying in a drawer I may use them to make some type of cupid day garland or  cut out heart shapes and have the boys send valentines to their cousins. Not sure, but I need to get started on that if I am going to finish in time.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Good morning to you!


Really really loving this decision to take more bubble baths this year . Two days is a row submerged in delicious foamy bubbles and a rocking play list on the iPod love it! Product reviews to come soon !

Happy Sunday to you !

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

AHHH Boredom

When boredom and Crayola washable markers meet you get toddler ink 

Cleaning out old photos on my Iphone. Thought I would post this one of BBD and his art work. I am very good at drawing happy faces and cupcakes. Gabriel loved the idea so he requested the same on his hand and then had fun washing it off.  David wanted to keep it until after dinner.

Monday Dinner

Dinner Monday night was fast and simple. Love it when it works out that way

Turkey Pasta with red sauce and itillian sausage. A full serving is hefty in the points  I believe I calculated 9 total. So I cut the serving in half  for the lower  point count and ran off to yoga after gobbeling it down. I know not the brightest idea and proably the reason why I felt heavy when moving from svanasana to svanasana upward dog to downward dog etc etc.  But I had to have something because last weeks class I was starving and  felt a little light headed. Yikes.

Tuesday Eats

Tuesday is here and with it another lunch box and run down of the things I am eating today.

Breakfast: whole wheat toast (1)  with 1 teaspoon of peanut butter  (2.5)
Breakfast total 3.5 points
Tuesdays at the office are tricky for staying on target since the company picks up starbucks coffee with an array of pastry for us. The plan have a smallcoffee because I need it today if I plan on staying up until 10 pm for the CVMC general meeting.

The makings of a  healthy lunch box

Lunch today is a dinner repeat really  1/2 cup of pasta (4)  a side of salad greens , no dressing no extras (0), hard boiled egg (2) I also packed a snack of 20 almonds (3 ) and a  1/2 cup of seaweed rice balls from Trader Joe's (2)

Lunch total 11  although  5 of these points count for a snack.
 On the agenda  as far as fitness and activity goes today I am still on the fence. it's raining this am so I am not sure if I am really up for walking in the rain this afternoon. I feel a cold coming on and don't want to make it worse.

Lunch packed up in the box.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Project : Pamper Me Week 1


I am not sure if this really qualifies as a project but I am going to take on the challenge anyways. I made a few resolutions this year to myself. I was starting to feel like I was putting little ol' me on the back burner. Once I realized  what I was doing I quickly snapped  back into reality and decided to think of something I think of as totally indulgent and make it into a project I can blog about. Once of the first things that came to mind was bubble baths.

I can honestly say since becoming old enough to shower alone (7 years old or so) I have rarely taken a bubble bath. I can even go a bit further and say since moving out on my own almost 10 years ago I have taken maybe one bubble bath a year. Why  you may ask? I think its a waste of time and water. Plain and simple. I like to get up get in the shower and get my day started.

I vowed to think of bubble baths in a positive light.Last week I had my first official bubble bath of the year. I plan on taking them weekly  when I find some alone time and to totally indulge in the whole experience. Listen to my favorite music, chill out, gab and dish on the phone about the latest celebrity trends and gossip tidbits I come across but mostly enjoy the peace and tranquility that you can only find in a tub full of  bubbles.
This project series will have 52 or more postings  on my various bubbles baths. I will be posting several Fabmama Reviews of bathing lotions and potions. So stay tuned for more. The count of  baths for far, two bubble baths, one product review bubbling in my brain, and two littles dying to break into the bathroom and conversate with me while I am relaxing . We will see how this goes.

To: Us From : Gabriel

Just because I have been so lazy these days as far as blogging goes does not mean I forgot to post a picture of this cute little box LMG made for E and I for Christmas this year. It was very sweet to open up his wrapped gift this year and see this cute little box. Bejeweled with shiny gems and him dressed up as a reindeer no less. This is Gabriel's first official  Christmas gift he has made for us while at school. Something to treasure forever.

                                                                 Such a Cutie!

Thank you my little love! We loved it!

I'm Back With A Lunch Box

Howdy! I can not seem to get into  swing of things these days. Theres a lot on my plate and my mind but lets see if I can get back on track with blogging and posting eats and activity  points  something new this year.
numbers in ( ) indicate WW point value

Breakfast: 1 slice  wheat toast (1) , 1 teaspoon  peanut butter (2.5) , one morning star veggie breakfast patty (2), muscle milk smoothie (3)
breakfast total- 8.5 points

Lunch: side salad (0), salame sandwhich (4), hard boiled egg (2) , fig newton cookies ( 2)
Lunch total - 8 points

Plans for dinner ... unless something changes pasta with turkey meat spinach and mushrooms, salad

Activity plans for the day : lunch walk   30 minutes = + 2 points
                                        Flow Yoga class  90 minutes = +5