Thursday, July 8, 2010

Story time with a Little

Interview with a Little

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Dear David - June 2010

Dear David,

Where ever did your voice go? Somewhere along the month you have almost totally stopped talking. Ok thats kind of a fib. You speak only when necessary or if your playing with your brother or friends. I find you day after day coming up to me nuzzling your head into my knee making the sounds a kitty cat makes. Then I ask you,

" David are you being a cat today?"
You nod your head with a big smile and laughing eyes and whisper meow before your trot away. At first this was cute, but now I find myself wishing this kitty play phase would please hurry and move along.

You are very content to play by yourself or hang out with me. I come home from work feed you boys a snack we talk about your day and then Gabriel runs off to play. You hang out with me while I cook dinner. We talk, I ask you questions.

"David, how was your day?"
My day good

"David Would you like to color while I cook?"
What are you making mommy? Can I help you?

I pull up a chair to the counter and hand you a plastic butter knife or measuring spoons and we listen to music while I cut and chop. You hold on to the spoons or knife watching what I am doing. You ask " Whats that?" ... an onion " Can I eat it?" ...I chop up a thin piece and hand it to you, watching as you inspect it first. You sniff it. Put your tongue to it two or three times. You then put it in your mouth to bite and quickly give it back to me . "That's sour" We move along to mushrooms . The routine goes as before you ask, I give . You taste, but this time approve of the taste of mushrooms so I give you more to nibble on.

You watch as I load a pan, clean a mess. Always studying what I am doing, asking " Are we done? "Can I chop more? Can I have a cookie? "

Somewhere along the way you grow bored of me. Wonder what your brother is doing and tell me " I be back" you climb down the chair, and walk away. Sometimes you come right back. Sometimes you will climb onto the couch and sit right on top the freshly folded laundry I just placed down on the cushions. I ask you to please move little. You answer no by shaking your head and then you say " I want to stay with you".

So there you sit. In a pile of wash towels. Sorting socks. You like my colorful ones so you pick them out and place them next to you or in the sock bin. Sometimes we chit chat. Most of the time we watch my soap. When the commercials come on and I pause the TV to put laundry away. I come back to find you holding the remote, telling me to press this button , the yellow button... to make the TV go. You did this again today. I looked at you and you looked and me and we smile at each other. Then you said to me " I love you mommy" in the sweetest little voice, it almost made me cry I love you so much.


Dear Gabriel June 2010

Dear Gabriel,

Another month another letter. With lots of changes in our lives you still manage to be the center of attention during most days. The long and short of it is... its been a pretty boring month. Lots of time at home making cupcakes after school on Fridays. We have spent a lot of time reading and working in your work books. I have taken to having long conversations with you during the time we have together. Sometimes it feels like an interview. I think your answers are silly and plan on recording one of these preschooler interviews on the Flip and posting it soon.

The questions revolve about your day and your life ... your many opinions on your likes your dislikes. What your diggin' what your not feeling. Who's a cool kid who's a trouble maker. I like to ask you what you want to be when you grow up. Every few days this answer changes.

Gabriel What do you want to be when you grow up
day 1- " an alligator hunter"
day 3- " an alien"
day 5- " I want to catch alligators"

See your still into alligators. Your eyes light up when you talk about them and your curious about all things alligator. You love to learn new things. You love to sing. You remain a happy healthy boy. You smile a lot. You laugh at your own jokes which I think is hilarious. Since you say things like.

"AHAHA that's funny. That makes me laugh, your laughing too!"

We continue to urge you to share your toys, to use your words not your hands to get your message across, to shake it off and not to be too sensitive as sometimes you get your feelings hurt for very little reason. You have little interest in building or playing solo. We have a collection of blocks that you ignore and don't want to have anything with. You always want to be around us. You never want to be in the other room doing your own thing. You walk into the kitchen... " Mommy, what are you doing? Can I help?" While we are watching a movie or TV... "Hey what is this what is that guy doing?" You love to make reports. " Mommy David is throwing his dinos at Pumpkin" (the cat), Mommy, Daddy told me to see what your doing. Daddy, Mommy said pick up my dirty clothes but I don't want to do that"

Your turning into a little busybody. I kinda adore it. Its heartwarming to see what will come out of your mouth next my sweet little love bug.


He Loves Me

Picked up an espresso machine last week and e has been bustin out the tastiest lattes and mochas . I joked with him yesterday that all he had to do was learn to craft a foam heart... This morning he surprised me when he did . I love him very much.

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