Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's the yum

I love luv love snapping pictures of my food. My cute little collection of food porn. Not sure where I picked this habit up but it seems like an every day obsession well every few day obsession. Some of my favorites from the past couple of weeks.
Currently I'm obsessed with
Greek yogurt with a granola bar or trail mix on top
Pumpkin pancakes
Warm beverages
Water I drink like three liters a day
Soups and salads

A Kindergarten Thanksgiving

The Friday before thanksgiving break the kids in rm 11 celebrated thanksgiving. Friday is. My usual work day in class so i got to be a part of the fun.
I did my first class hour with the reasons centers and labs rotating between groups of kids and helping them with a reading activity sounding out words and blending sounds. There are so many good little readers in Gabriel's class. My little is so proud when I work in his class. He hangs on every word of my instruction he shhs his friends and says things like shhh! My mommy is teaching us or shhh! That's my mommy. His friends like me. The little girls clamor to sit next to me in at the table it's all very very cute .

The second hour of that Friday we had pumpkin pie, cookies and juice while watching a Charlie Brown thanksgiving.

We had the best time.


David's preschool class had their pow wow a week ago. We made stuffing together and I sent him on his happy little way to his feast (parents were not invited ) while I celebrated thanksgiving with his brothers class :)

A collection of snaps

A look at some of the happy random moments of the last week or two.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Always remember ...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Story time

In kindergarten your required to keep a reading journal. Each day we read books after dinner and before bed. Today we read about 5 titles. I sit with g on my lap and point to each word I say it and he repeats it. It takes a long while to get through books this way. The first few book or two are easy readers. Filled with site words he will recognize. I finish off with a longer story... I try to steer clear of super hero stories but sometimes I'm a sucker for whining. I stick to a good solid story full of whimsy and bright pictures for the final book of the night. One of my favorites growing up was the saggy baggy elephant . And that's what we enjoyed tonight. It's a little golden book full of sillyness and beautiful art. The littles loved the story and the pictures. I enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Monday, November 14, 2011

I listen quietly to my babies sleep sounds. The pulling in and pushing out of air. Small muffled snores. The twisting and turning of their limbs as they re find the cozy spot of the bed. Two boys. Constant friends sometimes enemies of one another. One very sure of himself. Who attends school has lots of friends and is learning to read. The other quiet prefers bedtime with toofers the blue alligator but shines and is bold in his own way. I wonder what life will give them when they are men? Happiness and sun shine I hope .I like to lay with them and feel their warm little bodies sandwich me in. One cuddles his head on my chest. arm heavy over my shoulders while the other loops his arm through mine.they know even in heavy sleep when I move their bodies in a sleepy daze find me. And I am coaxed to sleep hearing the lullabies of their sleep sounds.
Monday mornings are not that bad after all. So glad i took the morning off from gabbing on the phone on my way into the office... Otherwise I would have. Missed this oh do lovely moment. It reminded me I'm
Blessed and that no matter how cloudy your day or life may seem there is a bright light fighting to get through. Don't let anyone steal your shine and sparkle.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Some say that you must forget your past. It’s not True. You must forget about the people in it, but never forget about the lesson in it!

Friday, November 4, 2011

One of my new favorite pictures

I love it oh so much.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Things to know...

We are forever changing. The person you once were evolves with each new experience. I thought today about who I am now and who I was before. I have to say some things have changed and some remain the same.

I luv fuzzy socks on a chilly night
I heart reality tv
I have an ever growing collection of lip balm
laundry is my archenemy
I have embraced things I can not change about myself. My very curlie hair, my nose, my curves and figure
I love my laugh. Not a day goes by where I don't just laugh
No matter how hard I try to wiggle about I still sleep on one side of the bed.
The last year of my life I gave up watching my soap opera. I miss it and think its time to go back
I remain fresh like that. Snarky and digital Clever geeky and cute
I take good pictures
I blog in bed
I have grown as a woman and know exactly what I like and how I like it
I still read cook books and food blogs for recipes
I am blessed despite what people may think
I still believe in the power of a proper flirt session
altho no longer a favorite pass time I love some juicy dish
Bubble baths are an indulgence I have little time for
When your having a not so great day hug a little dance around the house and read a little Joel Osteen.
I still listen to what other people think but I really dont care what they have to say
I have an ever growing fascination with the j.boog Chanel on pandora
I have finally learned its better to ignore people that don't fit in your life you out grew them for a reason