Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween eats at buffalo bills

The week before Halloween we took the littles to eat at our favorite place . I wanted to give then a little Halloween scare before the pumpkin patch...

He was to spooked to eat

Here's why ! Boo!

The littles and I had a blast at our first Halloween party this afternoon pictures to cone tomrrow. Have a fun trick or treat . Happy Halloween

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Gabriel October 2009

Picture 369

Picture 365

Dear Gabriel,

You are growing up so fast. Mom and dad have decided  start you off on some chores that you are pleased to do, Your list of chores includes.

Feeding the cats
"setting " the table with your place mats
clearing the table of your plates, and cups. You also help David  with his place setting. Thank you!

Although you enjoy your chores and do them everyday with out complaint and tons of 3 year old excitement you still refuse to help mommy  clean your room  or pick up your toys. Why I don't know. You have no problem doing so when Daddy asks you.

October has been a busy month for you. You are coming home excited about everything. Singing songs you learned at school and reciting stories I have been reading. I walked in to check on you and David the other day while you were playing and you were both sitting on his bed . You were reading "Llama Llama Misses Mama"  one of your favorites. It was so sweet you were trying to use the same intonation I use when I read your the story.  As I was spying on you  I thought it was sweet that you pointed the pictures out to David and were trying to keep him interested in the story. Your little brother giggled and clapped as you " read" on and then you scolded him for messing  you up. Yikes.

Both you and I are busy planning for our first Halloween party. This includes mommy finishing up the shopping and menu while you remind me everyday " Two more months to Halloween. "  when actually as I  began this letter it was two weeks.  Yesterday you reminded me  that it was " Two weeks until Halloween". Cute. We have not quite yet taught you the concept of months, weeks, days but you are getting a head start with all of the planning we have been doing.

Earlier this week I used your chores to include adding your used dishes to the dish washer when you are don't with them.  This was thrilling to you. getting to actually use the dishwasher. You cheered and beamed as I clapped and said " Hooray for Gabriel". Daddy laughed too as he said " Wow the domestication of my sons had begun". Daddy and I had a good laugh  and then looked at you in amazement  at how much you have actually grown and all that you are capable of doing.

You are also learning to read. Coco has some flashcards she has been using with you and David over and over. You can read the cards that say  the following:


Also listed on the cards are our full address. Street number city and state.

Every time  you read them  for me I am so proud of you. You are doing a great job at being a little boy.


Dear David October 2009

As I was walking into   the hall way the other day I called your name  " David"  to see where you were (you were much quieter than usual)  I heard a hearty little chirp that surprised me . "WWHHHAAATT?" as if you were irritated with me calling you and interrupting your day. This sassy little answer stopped me dead in my tracks and after the shock was washed away I giggled to myself.  My theory was confirmed. You my dear little boy are a brat! A joyful little brat I will add.

This last month you have grown leaps and bounds. You have taken on a new name in the house. ( I have never known a child to have so many little nick names)  Your new name is Davey two times, since you repeat everything your brother does.

I am giggling as I write this  because yeah you do have a lot of nicknames and here they are:

Davey -Pooh
BBD- Baby boy David
Baby D - there is a cute song to go along with this
Cupcake boy- Mommy's name
Muffin Man  - Daddy's name
Tiny Tiger - your first nick name that never really stuck. I wanted something similar to Baby Bear , this is what we called Gabriel for a long time. Oh well you really can't force a nick name
Repeat - Titi's name for you... I am not a huge fan but who am I to dictate everything.
Dave- Papa Scott has taken to calling you Dave. YUCK ! I despise the shortening of proper beautiful names. He does it to irritate me .
Number Two - Ha ha . What Coco calls you.

 Wow quite a list. D- is for delightful. A  great word to sum you up little guy.

Now back to life with David this month. Your flair for saying the word "No" has stuck with you and it seems in my observations to have  grown.  Your  first reply to everything is no.

"David, do you want a cookie"?

"NO!"  then you relize what I asked and it turns to "Yes, coooookie Yes"

"David, give me a kiss"

"NO!" and you waddle away

"David, I love you!"

"NO!" and then a smile and  you  run to me for a kiss on the cheek and a hug. Silly baby.

You are so determined to be seen and heard and a part of everything but your answer to any question  always starts with no and then you change your mind. 

You are now making  sentences. It amazes me at how clearly you speak . You are quite the conversationalist. Many a day after work you and I sit in the kitchen while I am cleaning up and preparing dinner and we talk about your day. I can see the little wheels in your head spinning as you try and form your answer and put words together the way we all do. It's sweet.  One sentence you have perfected these days is:

"Ochie , Gabriel hurt me. Boo Boo."

 As you lift your hand for me to kiss it or point to your cheek or your head. Can I tell you,  while you have perfected this you have also grown into a little fibber since 8-10  times Gabriel will be in a totally different room and no where near you when a mystery booboo appears. I know you just want the kisses.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

FAB MAMA Review : Kashi Honey Sunshine

At long last a long awaited FabMama Review. As soon as I nibbled these I knew a review was needed.

Think Cap N'Crunch grows up. Less sugar but same yummy crunch.  I really liked this cereal. It maybe because I use to love Cap'N Crunch as a kid  or that for the first trimester of my pregnancy with LMG I had a ferocious craving for Crunch Berry cereal. Whatever it is, I loved that Kashi did the smarter version of this cereal. In fact I applaud the whole line of Kashi cereals . Love them! This cereal is sure to be crowd pleaser at my house. Both E and the littles will love it and its a better option than what they usually want me to buy. Easy topping for ice cream , yogurt  or as pick ups with my famous  (ok, I know they are only famous at my house) pick up dips. Quick  and easy for a snack trap and a perfect cereal snack  for a bento box.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spooky Hat Fun

 A little  mischief  during a recent trip to Target. I know these are kinda  girlie hats but I could not resist the photo opp. Then they loved them so much I ended up getting them  for the littles to play with as they await the excitement of Halloween.

Tuesday & Wednesday Eats

Tuesdays Lunch Box
Mini bagel (2)
Chicken sausage(3)
White beans (3)
Laughing cow Cheese (2)
I also packed  some tofu and orange slices  but did not eat them

Todays Eats
 Breakfast: Muscle Milk smoothie (3), rice cake with peanut butter (2)
 Snack : Orange slices (2) fruit strip (1)
 Lunch: Half of a chicken breast (2.5) 3 tablespoons of mashed potatoes  and gravy (1), WW 1 point bar.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday All Day Eats


Monday Monday always comes to soon ugh!

Breakfast was a muscle milk smoothie (3)

Snack rice cake with peanut butter (3) and oatmeal (3)

Lunch was a prosciutto sandwhich on sourdough (3), a cheese stick(2), and a fruit strip(1).

A very boring food day. I stuffed everything in my Mimi the sardine bag as I dashed out the door in a Monday morning rush.

Since I am posting this so late in the day I will fill you in on dinner 3 oz of a chicken breast skinless boneless ( 2.5 points) 1/2 cup maybe a little less to be honest of mashed potatos (2) and 1 tablespoon gravy.(1) I had to not eat as much in the evening since e was running late and I could not make it to yoga tonight and my activity levels today are really bad since I skipped the gym to come home and handle some household business.

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Preschool Art October 2009

Week of  10-12/ 10-16

The one and only project that came home this week. Very sparkly glitter painting. This is  the day he took his very first school picture.  So I picked this cute little pineapple polo from Crazy 8.

This Kid Has Kooties

A case of the kooties has hit our house with LMG coming down with pink eye on Friday afternoon. I picked him up for his tuff tumblers class at my moms and was shocked to see a collection of green yuck oozing from his left eye as well as a very swollen eye socket. Poor little! Since then its been a weekend of staying close to home while my little recovers and I run back and worth disinfecting everything and constantly washing my hands. Lets hope we all don't end up with it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Littles Dozen

They could  not wait! They had to have a cupcake right then and there. I of course waited until they were a little coler but I gave in and let them have a bite.

Silly littles

A chocolate cupcake with Halloween sprinkles

I am by no means a baker. I attempt to bake and things get ruined. E likes to blame the oven but secretly I think he knows its me. For some reason I can never master the science of baking and so I rarely do so. I am a much better cook than a baker. Yesterday was super wet and miserable and I thought what can I do to make this day a little more exciting  for my little fab family ... I came up with the answer. Cupcakes!

Okay. Truth be told I totally cheated and got a box mix and a little tub of frosting and took the easy way out  but they came out delightful. I made a few tweeks to the oven with temp and time since the dratted thing runs way hotter than I would like it to. Then the littles and I spent the afternoon mixing , pouring, cooling and frosting cupcakes. It was more me  doing all the work and BBD trying to stick his little fingers in everything I was doing. I snapped a few pictures of the finished cupcakes but forsome reason they are not pulling up on my phone. Sorry.  They were great. E and  the littles gobbled them up like hotcakes and I treated myself to one. Yum! After this successful cupcake day I think I am reconsidering baking and may try and bake a few things from time to time.

Soggy Day Lunch Box

What an awful day already. Woke up late thanks to a little that snuck into bed with me and threw my internal body clock off with his  wiggling in the middle of the night.  As I was rushing to work in the soggy weather I was harrassed by a police man ... I was going the speed limit but he still choose to flash this big light on me  make me pull over and then he drove right by me . I guess I should be happy that it was a little warning  to slow down and not a ticket but that made me even more late. I gave into cold weather temptation and got a latte and a nibble  from Starbucks I did not even finish because the both tasted nasty.

Now on to the box.

Breakfast. I give up on that points wise . Forget about it
Lunch: brown rice, black beans and chicken  (4), cheese stick (2)
Snack : a choice of a lara bar  cherry pie (5) a tj cereal bar (3) or a rice cake (1) depending on how this day goes will be the deciding factor.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Preschool Art October 2009

So I thought I would Ask LMG what he thinks about his art work this is what I got:

 I make this with squishy... "squish, squish, squish " sound pointer finger and thumb pressed together like he was trying to reenact the painting tool experience.  Really it was coffee filter painting in some cool colors

Gabriel: "This is meatballs falling from the sky"
I can see that... a little  he had just seen the movie " Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs" with E and D

Me: " Gabreil, What is this?"
Gabriel : " That's the monster that lives in my room"

YIKES! No wonder he has been crawling into bed with us at night.

Rainy Day Eats

Tuesday Eats:
Breakfast : Muscle Milk Protein Shake (3), sourdough bread w/ PB (3)
Snack : I packed the same apples I proably will not eat. if this becomes the case I am just going to boil the apples I have a make apples sauce... is that how you make apple sauce? I don't know
Lunch: Brown rice with black beans and chicken (5) , mini bagel (2) , String Cheese (2), Fruit Strip (1)

* I also packed a rice cake  but may not eat it. I have found I am rotating eating some of my box items  during different parts of the day.I am also thinking a mini  bagel and a rice cake are not the most wise things to bundle together but I may save the rice cake for a pre workout snack to get me moving a little more at the gym this afternoon. I have been dragging butt maybe because I am tired and its a low energy part of my day... I will see how this works.

Monday Lunch

Monday Eats

Breakfast : Muscle Milk Smoothie  (3) , rice cake (1)
Snack: Chocolate Chip Cliff bar (5) Fruit Strip (1)
Lunch : Banana (2) String Cheese (2)  pasta (4)
I did not eat the apple.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Lunch Box

Thursdays  Lunch Box
Banana (2)
laughing cow cheese wedge (1)
TJ apple cereal bar (2)
TR juice (2)
Wrap with proscuitto, tortilla, sprouts,mustard and 1 tomato (3)

I also had on tall skinny vanilla latte and a pumpkin scone from starbucks. I only get startbucks on Thursdays now if I am up early enough to get it pnj my own adn not send a  girl  from work to fetch it for me . Points  I am estimating  about 8 but not sure for sure. I will be sure to go on a walk during lunch and then I have a massage session today  and that always burns calories believe it or notand depending on the strokes I use deep tissue, chops , etc I get a little mini upper body work out .I have to skip the gym today as it's E's b day and I need to get home to prepare for all of the fun. We are not having anything super special just our favorite take out and a little cupcake party with the littles. Then hopefully a nice night to enjoy each others company it feels like its been forever since we have sat on the couch together and caught up with each others lives.

Happy Birthday To My Best Friend ... My Love...E

Happy Happy Birthday My Love! Here's to hoping you have a great day and that its not that bad turning 33. Love you so much! I have a simple dinner planned for us tonight with the happy b day hullabaloo with the littles and a special treat from me. Looking forward to seeing you tonight. xoxo moi!

thx 4 the cupcake

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hmm? Tofu sprouts and blueberry salad

In an attempt to use up the sprouts I got last week, I made a sprout,baked tofu and blueberry salad. Interesting concoction. Crunchy and different for sure. Lmg loves this baked tofu and I can see why. It's good as far as tofu goes. I picked up the savory flavor but next time will opt for the teriaki flavor ? I know I spelled that wrong by the way.

The blueberries added some sweetness to it and I would say for a 2 point salad it was pretty good . Will consider adding something else next time though for variety.

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Tuesday Wednesday Lunch Boxes .. and gym update

Picture 344

Tuesdays Lunch Box
String Cheese (2)
Trader Joes Apricot fruit strip(1)
hard boiled egg (2)
Beef Stew (4)
Banana I did not eat and a lara bar I did not eat either.

Breakfast was muscle milk  shake (3) and rice cake (1)

Picture 345

Wednesdays Lunch Box

Half of a santa fe burrito that I had for dinner last night from the burrito shop , not sure of points
sprout tofu blueberry salad (2)
string cheese (2)
hard boiled egg (2)
half a banana (1)
Tj's apple crusher (2)

I also had a muscle milk protein shake for breakfast (3)  with a rice cake (1)

If your just starting to read my blog the numbers in  the parenthesis after a food item is the weight watchers point value . hope that helps clear that up.

I will say that I feel hungry already. I don't know what it is about sitting in this office in the morning that makes me so hungry. It's frustrating since I am trying to be good  and don't want to blow my points. I had a great work out at the gym the last two days and since Monday I have earned  more than 15 activity points that I am able to use?   I think this is wrong  I was not sure I could earn so many and actually use them so I  am checking with my weight watchers leader this week. What did I do to earn those points... my lunch walk 30 minutes a day gets me 2 points. I worked out on the elliptical machine for 30 minutes and that earned me 5 . Free weight machines  Monday took a yoga class for 75 minutes and totally worked my butt off that earned me 6 .  Monday I also did 300 crunches.

I repeated the regimen on Tuesday, lunch walk , elliptical @ gym plus weights and crunches Skipped yoga as I was tired yesterday and had to run to Target. All in all its been a pretty successful week for  keeping on my plan and working out I hope it pays off on Friday when I weigh in.

Monday, October 5, 2009


  The Spa Party Spread, simple but yummy


My famous salad. I get so many compliments on this salad and its really really simple. I added some sprouts in this time for some variety and added crunch.

Refreshments wine and lemonade Love my touches of Halloween ?

My soaking feet (top) the Bombard sisters (long time friends 15 + years) Katie not being blog picture friendly and Sarah. Both have gone on to take new last names but they will forever be the Bombard sisters to me.

Moi, Julie another long time friend and our girl Ivanka

The two Danielle's

My always gorgeous cousin Sandra         (top)                    Ivanka testing product (bottom)

This last Saturday I hosted a Pink Papaya Spa Party. I love, love , love potions and lotions so this party was right up my alley and I was hosting for an old friend Tracy so I  have been looking forward to it for a few weeks now. These  products are yummy, I adore them and the company is really new  with a lot of ground floor opportunities available and I am sure always seeking consultants. Honestly, there is nothing really on the scene like these products and I would know I am as elf confessed product junkie.

As I am blogging about this party it is a little amazing that I  did not get a picture of the actual display table or Tracy doing her thing but my girls booked 4 parties so I will have to snap and post  these in the next few weeks and I am thinking about hosting again for a group of gals that could not make it. We had a blast we totally indulged in beauty care products, drank wine and ate and of course there was girl talk. I love hosting and having my friends over I will need to do it more often.

E, by the way took the little to their first movie. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. I heard they loved it!
If you want to host a party of learn more about Pink Papaya contact Tracy, she is awesome!

I'll be back sooner rather than later with my Pink Papaya product favorites.

PS girls if you have other pictures pls forward to me so I can post.

Monday Eats

Monday lunch box

hard boiled egg(2), TJ's apple cereal  bar (3),  half banana (1),  half chicken bread sandwich with sprouts and feta (4) , 1/2 cup beef  stew (3) 1 slice laughing cow cheese  (1)

Breakfast : 6 oz  muscle milk smoothie  (3) opps I forgot my 11 am short vanilla non fat latte ... so bad  but I needed it today I was starving well before lunch time.... by the way why am I feeling like I am starving  early in the Am. I think I need to add some peanut butter to my smoothie or maybe pack a rice cake or something I don't know but I need to figure it out. I am not felleing like this meal replacement shake is replacing anything.... maybe I should be mkaing a bigger one? Any advice?

A not so exciting box but whatever its Monday. I got a head start on Monday night dinner by turning on my crock pot last night and making a yum yum  beef stew. It smelled so delish this am I cheated and packed a half cup for lunch just to hold me over until I can get home and enjoy this evening.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Mommy + Littles + Froyo= A Fun Friday Afternoon

Powered by Whrrl

Preschool Art October 2009

First week of October 2009 and the preschool art for this week is looking a little on the light side but I am really digging the aquas and browns with sparkles in one if the masterpieces that came home this week.

I could not get him to focus the backyardigans came on.

See not that much maybe he has found something else to do or made new friends or maybe it was just an off week for art.

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Drum Roll Please ... TA -Da! My Very First Bento!

Picture 319

So what do you think cute? nutritious?  good enough for a picky little to eat? Since this was my first bento I took it a little slow. In David's Box  ... (Gabriel  is at school and will not need one)

half of a banana
chopped up turkey hot dog
black beans
pretzel sticks
and a tj meringue cookie

I picked up my cute spider placemat at Ross for a great price for aset of 4 and they are the current place mats du jour for my littles since its spooky and all. Thanks Wendy and your fabulous blog for the inspiration I hope to keep it going.

Bento Box Bonanza

Picture 324

So for months now I have been reading a cute little blog, actually to be quite honest I have a tiny blog crush on a few of the blogs I read daily Wendy's Blog is one of them. She creates these fantastic little bento boxes for her son  that I adore and have been wanting to do for the little for awhile now.  I headed over to Daiso and picked up some cute little supplies to get me started.

Picture 320

Yikes lots of stuff goes into proper fun bento making? I should have know. I stuck  my supplies in a clear shoebox I picked up at here. A secret weapon I use to stay organized at home I got an awesome deal for 30 of these hot little puppies so I have plenty to use around the house. For now I am storing on top of microwave for easy  prep access... some of these little items will be used to jazz up all of the littles meals. Yes, a little more work but alot more fun and thats what it's all about at their age in my opinion.

The Fall Return Of The Spud Box

Picture 331

Hi Ho Hi Ho  The Spud box returns yo yo. After a long summer of not really cooking as much as I should the Spud Box is back in action at the casa de me.
In the  box  this week:

       Bananas, Fair Trade - 4
      Broccoli - 1
      Celery - 1
      Cucumbers - small - 1
      Lettuce, Green Leaf - 1
      Oranges, Valencia - 4
      Potatoes, Yukon - 2 lb (
      Spinach - Bunched - 1  (
      Sprouts, Alfalfa - 4 oz clamshell - 1      
      Squash, Butternut - 1          
      Tomatoes, Assorted Heirloom - 1 lb

* did you see an anxious little hand trying to get into the box

Picture 318That was  BbD having a fit to get into the bananas... his favorite.

Picture 317
And my favorite thing in my Spud box this week... these gorgeous heirloom tomatos. Are they not the prettiest things? I love end of the season tomoatos both yummy and pretty. I am looking forward to enjoying this little lovlies soon.

Sad news Spud box  fans. It seems the Dee's mini doughnuts  my litles and I have a crush on are not at Spud anymore. What the heck? So sad. I will miss them and hope that they will magically reappear one day soon.

End Of The Week Lunch Box

Picture 323

Happy Friday to all! I plan on doing a lot of Blogging today so let's start out with a lunch box:

Salad greens, sprouts and black bean salad (1),  1 table spoon of peanut butter and 1 half apple (3), half a banana (2), Kasi Morning Sunrise cereal sample packet (1) ,one trader  joes organic lolly pop .. I bought these for the littles  but stole one since I am a little curious how they taste.  That's right,  candy in the house for a whole seven days and this is the first one I am going to have.  Snaps for me... 3 pops are 1 point , but I am going to count the 1 point anyways and a WW 1 point bar.

Whole box  is 9 points... I should go to calorie king and count all of these calories or keep a running tally  but its Friday I will start better habits next week. Breakfast,  btw was a 6 oz muscle milk protein shake in chocolate  3 points.

Thursday lunch box

Thursday lunch box : left over del feugo salad from buffalo bills and e's left over Aztec quesadilla. An apple I did not eat and a 1 point bar I did not eat either. The salad and quesadilla were very filling and I am sure did nothing for my waistline but what are you going to do. The grub was good!

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