Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dear Gabriel October 2009

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Dear Gabriel,

You are growing up so fast. Mom and dad have decided  start you off on some chores that you are pleased to do, Your list of chores includes.

Feeding the cats
"setting " the table with your place mats
clearing the table of your plates, and cups. You also help David  with his place setting. Thank you!

Although you enjoy your chores and do them everyday with out complaint and tons of 3 year old excitement you still refuse to help mommy  clean your room  or pick up your toys. Why I don't know. You have no problem doing so when Daddy asks you.

October has been a busy month for you. You are coming home excited about everything. Singing songs you learned at school and reciting stories I have been reading. I walked in to check on you and David the other day while you were playing and you were both sitting on his bed . You were reading "Llama Llama Misses Mama"  one of your favorites. It was so sweet you were trying to use the same intonation I use when I read your the story.  As I was spying on you  I thought it was sweet that you pointed the pictures out to David and were trying to keep him interested in the story. Your little brother giggled and clapped as you " read" on and then you scolded him for messing  you up. Yikes.

Both you and I are busy planning for our first Halloween party. This includes mommy finishing up the shopping and menu while you remind me everyday " Two more months to Halloween. "  when actually as I  began this letter it was two weeks.  Yesterday you reminded me  that it was " Two weeks until Halloween". Cute. We have not quite yet taught you the concept of months, weeks, days but you are getting a head start with all of the planning we have been doing.

Earlier this week I used your chores to include adding your used dishes to the dish washer when you are don't with them.  This was thrilling to you. getting to actually use the dishwasher. You cheered and beamed as I clapped and said " Hooray for Gabriel". Daddy laughed too as he said " Wow the domestication of my sons had begun". Daddy and I had a good laugh  and then looked at you in amazement  at how much you have actually grown and all that you are capable of doing.

You are also learning to read. Coco has some flashcards she has been using with you and David over and over. You can read the cards that say  the following:


Also listed on the cards are our full address. Street number city and state.

Every time  you read them  for me I am so proud of you. You are doing a great job at being a little boy.


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