Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Gabriel -March 2010

Dear Gabriel, 

The change in the seasons has actually brought a little bit of change in you. The more I listen to you speak and articulate the more I am amazed at how fast you are growing up. I often listen to you tell me a story and hear how you sprinkle in bits of things you have picked up listening to us talk. My current favorite is  "it's a long story" . 

On Sunday you had  some type of calamity that caused you to cry and throw a fit. When I asked you "hey whats wrong my love?' You buried your head in my lap and said "it's a long story... I don't want to talk about it" Despite your obviously rough time I looked over at your daddy and we smiled at each other before we convinced you to shake it off and go back to playing. I think it's awesome that you are using new words and terms. I will admit I think its  so funny that you have picked up my knack for drama, even though I am sure this is some type of karma coming back on me for dramatics deeds of my days past. 

This month has also brought a change in your appetite. Much more now than before you are willing to try something new or come close to finishing a meal with out lots of waste. Which makes me very happy.  Here are some things you are really digging right now

Burritos- ha so funny to see you attempt to gobble one down
Astro Boy - your new favorite movie
Money- you have become obsessed with money. Collecting a penny if you find it on the street and sticking it in your pocket and your piggy bank
The Zoo- yep its that time of year again to be zoo bound as often as possible
Alligators- I heard on a recent trip to the zoo you and David held your Titi hostage at the alligator tank for 45 minutes just checking out what they were doing.
The ocean- Cause  fish and sharks and  alligators live there.. umm no but you refuse to let me correct you so we are going with it
Feelings- You are always reminding me and David that we have hurt your feelings when you don't get your way... thanks for the guilt trip
Milk Shakes- cause who wouldn't digg a milk shake all the time?

You are getting really really close to getting your training wheels on your bicycle taken off which I think will officially make you a big boy. I am not sure about that I will need to check the how to parent a big boy manual but I can say it will be a pretty big deal once those wheels are popped off. As always this month you have been a bright spot in my day as you always will be. I miss you so much when I am at work or away from home and can not wait to get home and listen to you fill my head with almost four year old gibberish. Your sing songy voice fills my heart. I love you so much.



Dear David March 2010

Dear David, 

What a month what a month. You are doing so very good at potty training! We have now reached a point where we can leave you in your super hero underwear all day and you will come and go out of the potty as you please. Yes, its true that there have been some accidents but that's normal and once we have this hurdle of caca in the toilet and  not in the pants taken care of I am proud to say you will be potty trained and ready for preschool.I am hoping you will get past this next step soon and in time for my birthday in June since that will make the best birthday present a little DaveyPooh can give. 

Besides the toilet training a lot has been happening with you too this month. You seem to be very happy when its time to play alone. I think sometimes you get overwhelmed by your brother and all of his large motor skills that causes him to thrash about and causing mayhem that makes you eventually burst into tears. You my little fellow are a  quiet little guy. There is a sweetness and a sensitivity to you that your brother does not seem to posses and for that reason I find myself taking my time with you a little more.  I won't speak as loud  when I am asking you questions about your day, I don't seem to mind as much when you waste your food  and refuse to eat whats on your plate. I don't even get irritated  when you will single handily eat an entire weeks worth of bananas by yourself. That is right , when shopping for groceries we are now up to 3 bunches of bananas a trip a majority of which you eat alone.  


Many a day you will ask for a banana. You will inhale it in seconds stuffing the whole thing in your mouth and  when its in your tummy you will then walk up to me and ask for another banana.  AYE!  Your banana issues have caused me to move the bananas to a "safer" area in the kitchen where you will not climb on top the table looking for a banana fix. 

This month you seem to have taken a bigger interest in reading books and spending time alone. Many an afternoon I will walk through the house and find you on the couch looking through a childrens encyclopedia  calling out the names of things you recognize  and asking what's that to things you are curious about. Something else that has started happening with you this month is you started doing a lot of climbing. Last week I walked into your room to see you standing on your dresser ( you used the drawers as stairs) with one hand on your hip and one fist in the air. You then announced to me " I superhero, I Batman I go!" Luckily I caught you before you jumped and we quickly put an end to you climbing on top the dresser. SIGH

Things you are digging in March

Reptiles- You want to watch all sorts of TV programs about reptiles. Should I thank Bindi the Jungle Girl for this?
Batman- My favorite superhero too, you love him and you are only happy these days when you have your cape and mask on
Waffles topped with bananas- YUM

Restaurants- shameful, but we finally mastered the trick to eating out with littles heres the recipe for restaurant success
      - Order  your mac and cheese  meal first  
        ask if they have black beans cause your love them  
        order two cups of chocolate milk 

      * these tips make for make for very happy busy little boys.
       But you  love eating out and making time with the waitress perfecting your flirting skills. Something I obviously              passed along. 

"I do it"-  your new favorite thing to say.. cause you want to do everything by yourself!
Dandelions- One of the best things about bing a kid is blowing dandelions into the wind, good for you baby! But please stop trying to eat them :(

As the month is just about over and we approach your brothers fourth birthday and your third. I feel like I am starting to mourn your babyhood. I know moms always say "he will always be my baby" but it have found myself getting teary a few times this month knowing that there are not going to be any more babies joining the family and I need to enjoy whats left of this very special happy time. So here's to whats left of babyhood and all the adventures we are still bound to have I love you very much muffin man.

Love , 

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday's Gone With The Wind

My favorite way to end the day ... Pjs and cuddle monsters .

Ps I need a hair appointment stat yikes!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's been a very long while since I have posted some eats so here are some snaps of this weeks lunch boxes another one tomorrow

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Preschool Art

Shamrocks painted at preschool and now hanging in the living room

A late v day heart

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Monday, March 1, 2010

Preschool Art

The last of preschool art for February 2010.  Liking the colors they are pretty bright and springy.

Dear David February 2010

Hooray for my little Daveypooh! This month we made great strides in your potty training success. I am so proud of you. Each and everyday you are growing up a little bit more.  It's been a tough road to get you to go pee pee on the potty but now all I have to do is remind you and you do it ... like a little pee pee rock star.

We are still working on getting you to tell us when you have to go and working on #2 but hey it's a start. It's fun seeing you walk around the house in your big boy underwear. Sadly it reminds me that the days of having a house full of babies is soon to be over. This idea fills me with excitement for the next chapters in our lives and sadness as no mommy wants her babies to grow up so fast. 

This month you have been up to so much. We have been getting you dressed up in your Batman cape and mask everyday at your request. You run up and down the house for what seems like hours on end. You have been very interested in art projects and helping out around the house by "cleaning" the coffee table with a old dry wash cloth. At first I got it wet for you to help out but you just sucked on it to get  the water and refused to clean so we have made small changes as you love to "clean" . When I ask you to pick up your toys in your room however you refuse so really I don't think your as into cleaning as you pretend to be . But thats okay. 

Looking forward to what March will bring.

Love , 

Dear Gabriel -February 2010

If ever there was a person that can try my patience it is you. It seems that these days we are butting heads left and right. I know this is probably what happens to little boys right before they turn four years old as you are on the brink of little boy independence. Here is a list of things I want to get accomplished with you these next couple of months before your birthday in May.

* Lessen if not cut out the whining. 
- the only person you whine to is me and it can ruin a perfectly good Saturday morning when you scream and cry for no reason. the minute you get what you want the crocodile tears dry up and smile pops up on your face

* Get you to independently clean your room.
- AH I know this is a long shot but I am hoping you will just wake up one day and put your own toys away

* Put you own laundry away.
- Again a dream but there is nothing wrong with mommy shooting for the stars

* Get you to like working in  your workbooks.
-Currently your not a fan of homework but I am hoping this will change soon as we have a lot of work to do

This month so much has been happening with you. I can sit and listen to you go on and on about your day, what you had for breakfast, why you didn't want to eat lunch, what you had a dream about. Why Daddy will not play "Beat it' when your driving in the car cause its your most favorite song ever and you love it. Why David is not allowed in your room because he's a baby and your a big boy and only big boys and Pumpkin the  cat can go in your room 


WOW,  see  your a talker and when you don't  like something or have something to say you say it... reminds me of someone I know quite well actually.

Since you and your brother are getting older and listening to and trying out table manners we have been able to get out of the house a lot more for dinner  which I love since it means less time I have to cook and Daddy loves since we are doing more outings. The secret  to dining out success for us has been to order your dinner first and get you guys a chocolate milk.Then  you will sit quietly coloring doing your own thing or chatting with your brother.  It's made a world of difference I wish I had come up with this sooner.