Sunday, November 29, 2009

Monday Lunch Box

Back to work after four glorious days off. I totally gave up counting points over the last few days because let's be honest I really did not care . So I am going to attempt to make an honest effort starting Monday Nov.30.

So for lunch I packed a side salad with no dressing. A slice of turkey breast and what's left of my moms puerto rican rice. I also packed some crunchy granola bars. I am eating those fir breakfast with some green tea. Let's hope this week goes by fast so I can enjoy my weekend again.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dear David

Dear David,

I am writing this note to  you on Thanksgiving day. It's your second Thanksgiving and just the joy of you being you has given us so much to be Thankful for. Now let's talk about your month. This month David you had a nasty little cold. You were coughing, crying and were just plain miserable. Many a moment of my day was spent wiping that gross green drippy  nose of yours. But, gladly you are on the mend for your big date at Coco's for Thanksgiving.

Your talking and use of words has continued to develop. You  are finding new words each day and using them properly. I have noticed that you have a slight issue with  the use of  the letter "S". When you say Scott , for Papa Scott it comes out "Cott" . I am working with you everyday with the "S" sounds. Making sure you see my mouth when I form "S" words.


I also ask you to repeat the words until I hear the "S" clearly formed and pronounced. Sometimes you like these little lessons sometimes you don't. It all depends on your current mood like all things with you my little love.  You  are finally tall enough to reach for my doll Marigold I keep up high on my bedside table. I have found  you cuddling with her or bringing her to me this month. Very cute, but little boys don't play with baby rag dolls so I need to take it from you  and put it away.

Your appetite  has increased dramatically this month. We can not seem to keep you full enough. Of course most of what you want is snacks and not real food but here is a list of your favorite things to nibble on as of late.

pasta, with butter and cheese
hard boiled eggs, you can down a whole egg lickety split
tummus... Hummus but you boys like to call it tummus so I let you
cereal, but not really. you like the milk in the bowl of cereal and lift your bowl up to sip the milk but avoid the cereal. This has been frustrating  on many a morning as you want more cereal but have not eaten the first bowl.

You continue to follow everything that Gabriel does. If he jumps you jump. The other day Gabriel climbed over the arm of the sofa and you followed suite and then before I could stop it "SMACK" went David right on the hard wood floor. My heart almost leaped out of my chest as I ran over to comfort you I was sure you broke your lip or nose. Disaster was adverted you were intact  and not bleeding, but very upset. I snuggled you close and reassured you that you would be ok. However, the lesson was not learned  as you are still chasing down your big brother. Desperately trying to become a big boy and I want you to stay a baby.

I love you my handsome baby.


Dear Gabriel

Dear Gabriel,

Today is Thanksgiving. Your third one. I want you to know  I am thankful for the gift you have given me and all the lessons you have taught me being your mommy. There was a lot going on in your little life this month. Although you missed some school days because of a cold you have been bringing home more art projects . Mommy had a teacher conference with teacher Sherry at school. Here is the report I got back.

Progress Report Fall 2009:

The Children I play with most: Ayden, Sidney, Christos, Kyle and Matthew.

Favorite Activities: Art, easel painting, play dough, blocks, and sensory tables. He loves outdoor play a lot:he enjoys bikes, scooters, and the sand box.Gabriel tries everything at least once.

Goals for the year: To continue to show desire and curiosity to learn.

Comments: Gabriel is very outgoing, smart, polite, lovable and very funny. He is very eager to learn and have fun with his classmates. I am excited to watch how much Gabriel will mature and grow over the school year.

I am so glad baby bear that you are enjoying school and that you are getting the most out of your experiences there. Just like teacher Sherry wants to see how you grow  and develop during your school year Mommy is very excited to see what an even greater little boy you grow into.  Love you so much little bug!

Love ,

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble Gobble

      Just popping  in this happy Turkey day to say Gobble Gobble! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Not much on our agenda besides relaxing and feasting at my moms house. I am sure I will have lots of  photos to share soon. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Stud Muffins

These little yummies are some of E's favorites. I call them stud muffins since they are beefed up corn bread muffins. I ocassionally chop up an Anaheim pepper and mix it in for some more kick but since the littles have come along I don't really do that any more . I don't want them turned off to my baking, I am still growing as a baker and need hungry little people to experiment with. Now, on to the stud muffins

Ingredients for the stud muffins.
Corn bread mix
2/3 cups milk
1/2 cup oil
1 egg
1 & 1/2 cup frozen corn
Package pancetta
Choice of cheese for sprinkling & mixing in, eye ball it

Saving time by posting from my iPhone please forgive the sideways pictures

Cook the pancetta and corn in a skillet

Afte you have mixed the corn bread ingredients you can mix the cooled down corn pancetta mix

Mix mix mix well then sprinkle in some cheese .I used parmesan cheese

Add to muffin tins and sprinkle with cheese

I had more left over than I thought so I added to a loaf pan. I made some extra so I can make some stuffing this weekend.

Viola Stud Muffins!

Stud loaf

They were as always very good. We still have some in the muffin jar on the counter, which surprises me since they are so popular with us... But then again I am weight watching it and have no business indulging in yummy stud muffins!

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toddler Art

And now for some toddler art with BbD. He has been busy making up some creations of his own

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Preschool Art

Harvest Art a la LmG

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Preschool PowWow

 The Busy Bee's hosted a Thanksgiving feast and powwow at G's school last Thursday. I was so pleased to be able to take time off of work and  have a lunch date with my little guy. They sang songs about Thanksgiving  and they also did a dance performance. I was surprised when LMG stood up and cut a rug for everyone, well not really he loves to dance and perform.

Picture 403

 Things G is thankful for
Picture 411

Picture 412

Picture 415

Picture 408
My little Indian

Picture 408
He was hot from all that dancing
Picture 407
and thirsty...
Picture 404
and hungry

Picture 414
My preschool PowWow Eats.. it was all very good.

Picture 399

Picture 401
 Searching for me  and peeping the crowded  class room

Picture 413
In the car headed to my moms house to pick up David We had a fun afternoon I was so glad I could make it. 

Monday, November 23, 2009

Lunch LAST Week


Picture 387


A small glimpse of what my lunches looked like last week. I am taking a break from posting about my  daily eating for the week. Since it's Thanksgiving week and I know I am going to be eating way more than  I should come the end of the week I thought I would just keep what else I am eating tight lipped for now.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sick Day BOO HOO

This pretty much sums up my day. The littles have been fighting some sort of gross bug that has finally landed on me. Today os my first official day of my new schedule of three day weekends and I had high hopes for today and my weekend, however it seems besides going out with my sister for her 30th b day tomorrow I will be grounded. I am hoping for lots of rest but I know that is most likely not in the cards.  I hope you all have a fun and healthy weekend and that the sniffles skip your house!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mama Sundays: Napa Day Trip

Oh so lovely is how I would describe my trip to Napa on Sunday.  I had a great time hanging out with E's Aunties. We induldged in great food, wine, girl talk and a stretch hummer limo. Ooo la la !

Here are some of my favotire pictures from the day
Robert Mondavi Winery

Picture 397

Picture 377
Picture 385
Picture 376
Bufano Art Gallery ... some art

Picture 374
Picture 375
 Picture 396

 Some shopping at Robert Mondavi Winery

Picture 383

Loved these bottle stops 
Picture 378
 I can not resist a oversized hat

Group Shot
Picture 392
Picture 394
Our Wheels

We visited a few wineries had  a great meal... that I should have snapped a picture of but it slipped my mind since I was busy gabbing and had a fantastic day. Looking forward to another visit.

More Littles Fun

Picture 381

After breakfast  I washed the littles up and got them started on some coloring projects  to keep them busy for E who still needed some time waking up.  Notice my fun splash mat is a mat I made out of  LMG's first art projects from preschool. I still need to button it up but have not had the time to finish it 100% and to blog about it but its  fun and reversable and  both he and I are very proud of his artistic abilities.

Breakfast Bentos

Picture 384

Sunday was a busy day for me I awas headed out to Napa with some of E's aunts for a lunch date and a day of tasting. I was very excited since it was my first trip to Napa and we all know how much I have come to love drinking wine.

Before I headed out for a fun in the sun Sunday I had to deal with household business. Not a lot . I just got the littles up and situated for the morning. I decided on a breakfast bento of waffles with syrup, yogurt with bunnies on top and a banana.
Picture 382
No comapling from LMG. He gobbled it right up!

Picture 388
That's a runny nose for BBD . He is not turning his nose up at his breakfast bento.