Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project 17 weeks

Today I sat quietly. I listened to a house full of quiet. I listened to my heart and I began making a list. As I was making a list of accomplishments I drew a line down the paper and made a new list of wants and desires. I then got up and walked to my fridge and counted the weeks until
My 35 th birthday. 17 weeks. In 17 weeks I will become a 35 year old single mother of two sons. This of course was never my plan but it is the hand I was dealt such is life.
I want to rewrite my story. Change some things that happened, right some wrongs, take back some things and I also want to say I told you so. Life however does not work this way. Once it's said it's said. Once it's done it's done.

I can however live the next 17 weeks striving, prepping , building for the next 35 years and that's exactly what project 17 weeks is about. I'm rewriting my story. I'm changing my life there may or may not be a happy ending and that's life too.