Friday, July 29, 2011

Tales of the Blue Alligator

Hello my name is Toofers and I am a blue alligator. Yes, yes its true I am a stuffed blue alligator but I am an alligator none the less. I will be making a regular appearance as a contributor to this blog . So get used to seeing me. I promise, I dont bite I am only good for a proper snuggle.

The picture at the top of this shows me as a young fresh chap. My stuffing had not yet been hugged and squeezed flat. I had a bright baby blue complexion. But things change an alligator gets snuggled and squuezed and kissed and thrown. Yes, its true I have been hurled across a room in my day.

This is me now. I have been well loved.The fluff and stuff of my youth is gone. Even though I am given a proper bath regularly and an attempt to primp is made this is who I now am now. Me in all of my faded glory.

This is my boy. His name is David. I am sweet on him and his clever little ways. He is fond of me. We are best friends. We are always together. From morning until night, unless of course I'm forgot at home while he is on an adventure. I stumbled into his life at an early age when his mum purchased me as a companion for his older brother. (Yes, by the way I speak in an occasional British accent so from this point on do read in Bristish accent. ok, carry on)The affinity for the oldest child never grew. It was the wee one I was drawn to and him to me. From the first day we made proper introduction, I became his constant companion. His crib mate his snack partner and still his choice of snuggling partner. We both dont sleep as well when we are apart. I need to feel his tiny fingers stroking the top of my head as we fall asleep.

My contributions to this blog will be random. When I have something to says as I watch my boy play, learn and grow.

I leave you now with a final image of me and my boy and our usual
everyday shenanigans

See, I told you I am tossed about.

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

It's the little things

Like the glee and smiles I get when I bring home a lizard calendar that really tug at my heart strings.

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Randomness ... At it's best

My blog is random. It's a collection of this and that hodge and podge of my everyday life. I have a random obsession with snapping pictures on my iPhone. Pictures of myself, the littles, things I'm doing, things I covet things im eating here are some of these moments


Bubble bath - why the heck not



Bag yummy - but a smidge too large

Curry and buttered chicken @work

Cafe con leche


Brat - just because

A reminder

I remain trendy

My girlies

Laundry day- still fab tho

Lol David!!!

Dinner some night

I fancy men who deliver pasteles

I have a growing affinity for that same man who takes me to ice cream even tho he dislikes mint chip

Well of course they do.

Shoe porn

My girl

My brats

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

Snaps of our week

Snaps of our week. I continue to be late on a some what regular basis. I really truly need to work on that. We have been busy with work and adventures. My cousin Robert is an official licensed driver and we took the boys to lunch on Friday to celebrate his little milestone I'm proud of him.

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Friday, July 22, 2011

AM Poetry

Did you know I write poetry on top of blogging and super mommy-ing? Well, I do. I have a secret little treasury of poetry I have written for years. Emails I send myself , notes of paper I have kept by the bed and scribbled down lines and thoughts when they hit me as I woke up in the morning if I was having trouble sleeping. My thoughts linked together in beautiful little phrases. Inspiration comes quickly to me. The sight of my sons chubby baby fingers when he was much younger. The tickle of my cat pumpkins whiskers. Her body looking very hen like as she sat carefully on top the couch then sprang very lion like into action on whatever caught her fancy. Rumbled sheets after a long night of tossing and turning sometimes love making. The memory of a phrase or words a past love would say to me. The poetry I write is simple often thought of while prepping dinner, folding laundry. Just being. Occasionally, I go back and re read this little form of art I create. an art that just hits me, lingers in my head and compels me to write it down for safe keeping.

I'm a writer. I feel comfortable gathering my thoughts my life and recording them. It's a craft I should develop and maybe one day will. Its one of my gifts.

Anyone however can create poetry. Phrases chained together can create a flow, a picture , a poem. I was mindlessly shopping apps on the app store this morning and found this poetry app. I picked it up and started playing with it. And then created an early morning poem.

Deep right? There's an app for everything these days but I liked this collection of words and thought I would share it.

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

Currently Diggin'

My musical tastes are forever changing most days while commuting I'm tuned into the local hip hop and r and b station. But when I'm in the shower or at my desk at work I'm rockin steady to pandora - the Tegan and Sara station to be exact. Here are some tunes that I am really into right now. Yknow so you can give them a listen

So basically I snap a screen shot of the song title and artist and go back later and ITunes it . It's adding so much to my musical library . These songs are rad. Love them!

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

out with the old...

and in with the new. new life, new blog header. i'm loving this one it took some time to find what i wanted to reflect about my cute little corner of the internet but it pretty much sums it up. smiles, happiness, memories, boyhood , mommy fabulous-ness and coffee lots and lots of coffee. but i would never overlook the memories of blogging days gone by ... so here lies my old blog header forever memorialized here. may its simple cuteness rest in fabulous peace.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

how very true

I saw this picture and giggled. Yes, this is a very true statement. However they for got to add mischievous, curious,adoring and sweet. Those are the words that also remind me of my sons. Very often when the house is quiet I find myself lonely for their chitter chatter.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Weekend To You

It is seemingly cooler today something I am greatly appreciating. I'm a sweet little flower and wilt in the heat.On a lazy Saturday i'm currently...

Doing -pinning and repining, blogging,texting, mommy-ing, wiggling my booty on the couch to my current play list
Drinking- coffee what else altho the stuff is not really working all those late nights i have been keeping
Watching - Bravo, its my happy place
Needing - shower, foot rub , long kiss, lip gloss not necessarily in that order
Listening - my little coconut luvr muffins constant chitter chatter, fresh ass playlist im in full busy momma bird, busy bee mode one ear bud in
Planning- a long walk, im doing a half marathon in three months need to get my train on
Plotting- always ... no but seriously a nap i have become quite lusty over long weekend naps ,my master plan for this bogus ass company picnic tomorrow
Faking - restfulness and the smile im going to be faking at said bogus picnic tomorrow . I can not wait. GAG!
Craving- That long yummy kiss, a mocha coconut frap, a new bag, trip to the Gap, a good proper flirt session, but I would settle for a good conversation
Remaining- fresh, fabulous, yummy, fun,giggly... always

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The more that seems blurry the more things become clear... You never ever know a person and I am now fine with that. Whats new and exciting with me? my life , my littles, my exciting new friendships. Learning just because one person can never appreciate you does not mean that another can't be smitten with you and all that you bring to the table and that is a deep down warm yummy feeling.

One hurdle down many more battles to be fought. I have hit a stride now with all of the insults and abuse roll off of me like water on the feathers of a swans back. Some where on this awesome thing called the internet is the true story of what happend to my family all of it every dirty little detail of it all. And when the time is right I will link it here and the tale will be told...