Monday, December 28, 2009


A view from my snug seat on the couch tonight. As you can see I am enjoying this relaxing evening of facebook, blogging and reading. E purchased some vintage nintendo games for the Wii so while bbd is snug as a bug and lmg learns the art of super Mario from his dad I am left to my own thoughts and quiet time. So what am I thinking you may wonder as I listen to The Verve and Tori Amos on my mixpod music playlist I created the other night ... Well I'll tell ya.

Right now I am looking at E and thinking what a lucky girl I grew up to be. How much I simply adore and love him and as Jason Mraz sings i'm lucky to be in love with my best friend.

What else am I thinking ... That I need a Mani pedi , F it I need a spa day bad and that maybe a cookie would be yummy with this Mexican hot chocolate E made us. I am also thinking I need to see Tori Amos live, I love her music.

Ok those are my thoughts on this chilly Monday in CV. Can not wait for another 4 day weekend.

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Dear David December 2009

Picture 443

Dear David,

 My sweet little boy. That is what I think every time I look  at you,  while your sitting on my lap and we are snuggling . I swear  no baby is sweeter than you. Your smile , the look you get on your face when you learn something new or are surprised. I think one of the things I love about you the most is your sensitivity. You are always wanting to share.  Your toys , your food , your giggles. Your both shy and boisterous at the same time. How that's possible I don't know  but you do it wonderfully, the magic of little boys I guess

Your feelings get hurt often and your just now learning to stand up for yourself.  We have to remind you to tell Gabriel no when you snags a toy that belongs to you, or if he tries to steal a cookie or cracker off of your plate.  Your willingness to let Gabriel have his way  bothers both Daddy and I and we are  working on building your self esteem. I had no idea two year old's could have these kinda of problems but it makes sense when I think about my childhood. I was painfully shy and always let my little sister be the star of the show then one day I snapped out of it and low and behold you have your momma. You and I are a lot a like my little love.

Many days I find myself walking to your room  to talk you out of  a meltdown because  your big brother hurt your feelings.  I always knock on your door and you chirp" No, No Mommy. Go Away"  but then when I don't come right in you open the door and look for me. Our sweet little routine happens at least a couple of times a day . Then  when you feel better and reassured that we all love you and when Gabriel has come to apologize and give you a hug you toddle away with him excited to be playing with your big brother again.

This month  you have taken on some new obstacles.  You are dressing yourself , pulling on your pants and your shirts after much coaching from you Daddy in the morning and Coco during the day if we give you enough time you will get yourself dressed. This past weekend you finally put your shoes on for yourself for the first time... well the first time I have witnessed and we were all delighted!  when you were done ... you jumped up and said" I bigkid , I big kid now!" Oh my gosh was all I could think. WOW my baby is getting so big and growing up. Next  we are taking on potty training full force!

I don't worry about your speech any longer. Your are a very talkative  boy, with questions, answers and complaints.  You are singing songs with Gabriel and asking your own questions and complaining when I don't put enough syrup on your waffles. So I think its  safe to say we have it covered.

A fun memory I have of you this month , we are dancing in the living room our usual afternoon routine but  for some reason it was close to bed time and I was not ready to put you littles to sleep just yet... Gabriel and I were cutting a rug and as usual you had to be coaxed  into dancing but once your got started you were jumping and waving your arms trying to keep the beat of the song we were listening to. It was so silly. Your Daddy was laughing and we were all cheering you on. When the song was over Gabriel gave you a hi five and said : "You dance funny David"  you laughed and said "Thanks!" as you smacked his hand back then started grooving all over to the next song that came on. Your such a little funny guy always cracking us up.


Dear Gabriel December 2009

Picture 442 

Dear Gabriel,

Last night you and I had a "camp out" in mommy and daddy's bed. This is what you like to call sleeping with us. As we were laying in bed talking you were telling me all about our day. How you helped mommy take down the Christmas tree, how you had a milk shake at Starbucks, how you tried to escape the shopping cart at Target and  how much fun we had when we got home and started cleaning David's room and finding a new spot for all of your new stuff. As I was listening to you talk and tell me about your day I was brushing your hair out of your face and thinking how lucky I am to have such a smart  happy boy as my son. Everything excites you and that excites me!  We have had some ups and downs this month. I think its been a rough month. Our schedules have been kid of goofy  from the holidays and I look forward to getting us all back on track. This month you learned a lot about the Holidays. We had a holiday party at your preschool, we went to a holiday party for the mother's club.You visited Santa quite a few times  and  everyday when you walked in the door you asked to watch Mr. Grinch and would sing the songs from that movie every chance you got. Both your Daddy and I would laugh when we were with you at a store and you would tell the people you saw, "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays" in your cute little sing songy voice. Your such a cute little elf!

When we went to your preschool holiday party , the teachers had  posted your  class mates letters to Santa on the walls. I took it home and hung it on the fridge and nowthat's its time to put our holiday stuff away I wanted to document it.  So here you go .... Gabriel Alvino's first Santa Claus letter:

Dear Santa Claus,

I want  Spiderman stuff. I want Venom cause Spiderman can fight him. I want a Candy cane and a Spiderman suit. I'm good I do flashcards at Coco's house. I help my mommy do laundry and I help my daddy work on the motorcycle. I help my brother eat some lunch. Merry Christmas!

Your Friend,

Brilliant! I love it. As I read it I laughed out loud at the mention of doing flash cards at Coco's house because she does have you doing a lot of flashcards,  and I laughed a little louder at the laundry because you complain so much when I ask you to pick up for dirty clothes and place them in the basket and refuse to put your clothes away when I ask you. I can just imagine how funny it was to take these notes down as your teacher. Great Idea.

Some other things you did this month. You helped mommy wrap Christmas gifts and it was your job to place them under the tree. You helped Mommy and Daddy decorate and take the down the Christmas tree. You continued to feed Pumpkin the cat, this by far is your favorite chore and you are very good at it. You do it with out fail but sometimes need a reminder to get started.

Your imagination is growing like a weed. Just like you!  Yesterday we were at a drive through Starbucks , When Daddy finished  his order and we pulled up a little in line you knew exactly what to dowhen you saw the speaker box. It was so funny to hear you give your "order" even though the window was rolled up and no one could hear you but us. You wanted a chocolate milk and a cookie, and asandwich and a gold fish? and Spiderman to fight Venom and you wanted to play with Bumble Bee cause you like auto-bots and they are good guys and everyone likes good guys and you know how to beat up bad guys and you don't like bad guys or strangers but you like fish sticks and cheese and juice.

WOW!  You went on and on it was so funny. Your a hoot to hang out with Gabriel. I can only imagine what next month will bring.

It was amazing spending this Christmas with you and seeing the look of excitement  and happiness when you saw what Santa Claus brought you. And yes there was plenty ofSpiderman and Venom stuff to keep you happy.


Saturday, December 26, 2009

December preschool art

Long awaited preschoolart with and with out holiday flair . Isn't it cute? I am still looking for some further growth on these paintings as an artist from lmg but I suspect he just enjoys splattering paint on the paper and that is artist enough. The tree is hanging in the kitchen so sweet,the first of many things my littles will make for the holidays. I can't wait to see what else I can add to the collection as the years go by.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Xmas eve eve

Snuggling on the couch with E and an ice cream sandwich enjoying some movies. I love that I can stay up late tonight and spend some time relaxing with love.

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 The Best Right Before Christmas Present Ever! Oh so glad the trailer has been released. I am posting it here because I love SATC and I want to watch this trailer over and over again until the movie comes out. OH! I feel a cosmo coming on . Enjoy!

Pre Holiday Weekend Eats

Picture 441

Last day at the office before a long weekend and holiday fun. Oh how I can not wait to get the heck out of this place and spend time with my little family.  On the menu today:

Trader Joes , peanut butter crunch bar- 3 points
Yoplait lite  blueberry yogurt-3
1/2 cup pasta a la E (E made dinner for me last night thx honey!) 5
Side salad -0
1/4 cup pineapple chunks 2 , I will proably  chop these down further and put them on my salad since I  do not use any dressing and I could use a  new take on side salads these days .

Hope you have a  great day. I have lots of plans for blogging while I am on a break and for the new year.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday Lunch Box

Packed eats for a glad I am on a short week . Although this lunch is cute I am looking forward to a feast this holiday.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

Keeping Calm

AHHH! This is how I have been feeling the last few weeks. I have been so busy! I hate totally avoiding a bunch of things that were everyday priorities, like blogging! I am going to be checking in from time to time this Christmas week and plan on recommitting to my writings of my many little adventures both little and little free. Ciao and chat soon!

BTW love the print? You can pick up one at my favorite place to shop these days Etsy of course... and don't bash me for shopping so much hand made I am putting money back in the pockets of people who need it.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Some Eats

A sample of what I have been eating .



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Littles On The Farm

Thanks Jennie wehaf a great time and the eggs were great! We will be back to visit soon!

Littles Farm Fun

Well hello,

It's been awhile. Life has kept me a busy girl. I have a little bit of down time tonight so let me catch you up on what I have been up to .

My fellow CVMC mom gal pal Jennie has herself quiet a fun ranch. A couple of weeks ago the lityles and I went out to get some farm fresh eggs

More to come!

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Best Of Me On Facebook

Found this genius application on Facebook it compiles some of your status updates from the year. As I was reading these I giggled out loud. Its's both funny and interesting to look back and read what you
 choose to share with people you social network with. So read a collection of my best hits and enjoy!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

end of the week eats

Thursday eats. Stopped into starbucks and picked up a toffee nut latte and pumpkin scone.

Lunch was brown rice with black beans and a half chicken breast from dinner last night. I packed an apricot fruit strip, string cheese, and a gross impulse choice of a marshmellow treat from trader joes

No box tomorrow since today was my Friday

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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Little Meal Madness... But Alas A Great Idea

OMG The  stuff you will come up with when you have a house full of picky eaters. The littles not the husband. So my latest idea was to add more protein into pasta.

Boil down pasta strings

While pasta is boiling take out a block of organic baked tofu- Teriyaki flavor ( the one we like- Trader Joe's)
Whip out a hand shredder and start shredding.
                                    Shred down the baked tofu. This is  about  3 tablespoons.
                                    When the pasta is done boiling  drain it and add a little bit of butter.
                                      Currently Gabriel is obsessed with buttered pasta and cheese.
                                                  So I am sure you can guess the next step...

                                 Mix in butter, and tofu.

Add  string cheese and mix up some more the cheese will melt

          Serve to unsuspecting little. He is so  use to pasta  he will never notice

                                             So yummy ... One down Mr. Super Picky to go...

                                                                           Voila! Success!
Sometimes thinking out of the box to come up with ideas to feed the littles can be frustrating. However, since this worked so well. I am going to be trying this trick with everything for awhile. Yes, expect me to be shredding chicken , turkey, steak, veggies etc.  into all of their pastas for sometime to come. Hopefully they will not catch on for a while.

Market Run Monday

Picture 431'

What $90.25 gets you at the CV Trader Joes

purchased but not seen because of these huge bags of chips

milk - 2 gallson
light egg nog - 1 gr fat littles love it!
hummus, salsa, dip
cheese , string and shredded
granola bars
cookies, chocilate chip and candy cane joe joes
pasta noodles- strings and lemon parrapadelle
pasta sauce
lunch meat- salame and italian turkey
bread - cracked wheat sour dough
yogurt -vanana ... vanilla and banana . genius name :)
chips- whjite corn rounds and salt and pepper
ice cream - sublime ice cream sandwhiches and french vanilla -quart
canned OJ
bagged pasta dinner
brown rice

Not a lot these are the basic s in our house. Still need to head to Costco to do some shopping for:

chicken -whole and parts
ground turkey meat- a staple in my freezer
pork chops for when I want to mix it up

I can not really think of anything else that we need when we get there but you know how it is at Costco you walk in with a plan and walk out with a long list of items  you did not realize you needed. LOL

Heads Up! ALL of my X mas shopping was done on Dec 1. WOO HOO. I finished up with some Cyber Monday super deals. So glad I started shopping in August. I will need to make one fianl trip for a gift for E once I get his wish list.

Tuesday and Wednesday Lunch Boxes

Picture 440

Tuesday Lunch
Slice of turkey and side salad with no dressing
2 pt blueberry mini muffin (tj's)
Cheese stick
Kashi Crackers

The only thing I ate from this lunch on Tuesday was the crackers. (3)  I had too much coffee at the office and was full.

Picture 432
So I saved the energy in making a  new lunch last night and just did a repeat minus the crakcers. I replaced that with a 5 point Larabar Cherry pie. Not the best option but Something I can eat before my massage session this afternoon to give me fuel to get through the work, or palpating muscle and tissue.  I also got a 1 point hot chocolate  from the not so great taco truck that visits my office and an order of toast.