Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Gearing Up

Gearing up and growing up on the quick! My son I am so proud of him! It really boggles my little mind that yep very very shortly I am going to have a child in elementary school! That my dear reader is a holy moly double wowza moment.

A few months back I ordered this cute lunch box for him. He loves it so much I need to keep it in hiding since I dont want him to actually get over it before he starts school. I have been reading school lunch blogs like crazy. Seeing the options that are available to children and taking a look at the lunch calendar at his school. I print it monthly and try to incorporate some of these meal into our lives ( as much as I can stomach anyhoo) like pizza boats, mac and cheese and tater tots.Well actually, I'm not going to sit here and lie. I have a fondness for tater tots always have and always will so those I dont mind much. Basically its kid food and basically there leaves lots to be desired.

In prep for school I have been going back to the root of my kid food cuteness and cutting out sandwiches with cookie cutters, re reading toddler cafe and visiting one of my favorite blogs again ... Wendy . She is such an inspiration in proper making of a bento lunch for your little. I actually dont know Wendy personally but she is a bay area momma we are friends on facebook and we twitter with each other from time to time. I follow her blog and sometimes you know reading a persons blog you kinda feel like you know them a little. I hope to meet her some day socially. She seems rad.

I picked up this cutie little cook book while out and about last week ( see picture above) Gabriel and I have a hot date to sit down together this week look at the pictures in the book and see what he would like to try. I'm including David in this activity too even though he remains picky eater numero uno in our little fab-nest (our house)

How else are we gearing up. Working hard on activity books. We do 5 pages a night!

Learning to read with our I can read too books. making trips to the library and finding every book momma can get her little paws on about my first day of school, or going to kindergarten. We have also started seeking out some friends with in our mothers club. Exchanged emails today with a gal and hoping to meet her son soon ( i think i have met her already tho... no i am positive i have) I sent an email to the school PTA looking to get more information about next year and how I can help.

Next on list for kinder prep:

fill out application for free school lunches ( yep i gotta see if we qualify, we may from what im reading so far)
I dont want him to eat lunch every day at school but i want to allow him the option from time to time so he gets the whole big kid experience

gathering money and saving it for school clothes shopping. which should be fun i love shopping right...

meeting his teacher eventually im sure. hoping she needs class room help a couple of times a month while im off on fridays I want to do as much as I can on my days off... yard supervision for recess whatever im open to it!

talking with some moms getting tips and tricks on how to run a smooth ship while juggling all of it!

buying school supplies... there is a list i need to help with for the class itself and here it is

locating and perfecting something apple-y as far as recipes go. I'm sure his teacher will be over getting an apple on the first day. I remember way back when , on my first day of kindergarten i showed up with an apple and it was a tradition i insisted on keeping up until high school for my first day of school each year. I hate to say I was a teachers pet.. but i was so the tradition will be living on... however we are showing up with something besides an apple. my little is gonna need some extra attention with his level of intensity, maybe a baked good will help her stay inspired with him. .. or maybe not as i'm reading this is sounds like a bribe of sorts ...oh well. I'm sure she or he will love us!

Gabriel always always runs over to the apples when we are at the market and starts searching for an apple that he wants to give to his teacher. I have to explain we are not ready to get one just yet but when the day comes we will be sure to pick out the prettiest apple we can find.

getting everyone up and at 'em in the AM right now i can drop off at my moms in pjs not brushing teeth and feeding breakfast.All of that comes to an end soon so i have mentally scheduled july to be the month i start getting him up and dressed and fed and out the door on time .... im giving myself plenty of bumper space to make this happen seamlessly come first week of school.

Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life Goes On...

Happily and without much delay these days. The littles and I are gearing up for a happy springtime and summer. Being Gabriel's official last summer before the life of a big kid I am looking forward to keeping him busy with outings and visits with friends. I need to post on the mothers club website looking for incoming neighborhood kinder kids so I can get some playdates scheduled for him. I would like for him to walk into the first day of school already familiar with some faces. I hope he can make some chums. I recently found out one of our cousins will be attending his new school so he will be bumping into him from time to time.

Soon my schedule will be changing. Starting later to drop my little coconut off at school. I'm thinking about the clock alot lately. Time management has always been of a concern to me not that I ever have problem managing my time ... I excel at organization and time management. But it will obviously be a new undertaking and challenge to do all of it on my own. I'm looking forward to it!

What else has been keeping us busy over here in good ole CV. EVERYTHING! The littles and I have been on a cooking spree. Cooking and freezing meals, fresh bread. Making all sorts of new yummy things like fresh juice and yogurt pops. My big boys appetites are growing so much and they are sprouting like little bean poles. The boys are also getting better at helping around the nest (our little house)Gabriel, often asks to help me do the dishes and laundry. But they still have that little streak if laziness in them I need to closely supervise the picking up of toys and cleaning of their room. Their idea of clean is piling the toys and dirty clothes into the closet and closing the closet door. SIGH! Boys I tell ya! But we are working on it.

I came home from the market last week. I needed to run to pick up a few things for dinner and my sister sat with the kids for awhile. I walked into the kitchen and Gabriel had a load of clean clothes in his hands making his way to the laundry basket. I was elated and to be honest a little taken a back by this. A little man doing laundry... Holy Moly! Before I could even ask what he was doing he put his little paw up and said... I'm looking for my costume... I can not find it! WOWZA!! He quickly dropped the clothes to the floor and dashed off in search of his costume. I knew it was too good to be true. Alas, my days of laundry enslavement are far from over. I did however applaud both myself and him in his grasp of laundry...where the clean clothes live and where they go. On Sunday during our afternoon of cooking I gave him an arm load of clean wet clothes and marched his little butt out to the dryer and watched him load it.I pressed the start button and we did the big kid "I can do it dance" and our team super duper fab handshake (this is our team name... cause if nothing else these days we remain super duper fab... my little family of three)David did the big kid dance too and we all giggled.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I just am! Each and every day I wake up happy and ready for what new adventure God is putting my way. All the BS and blah blah does not even matter anymore. I look at myself in the mirror and say hello there beautiful girl ... you are fabulous! Your a proud strong woman, independent and fun. With a zest for life and its up and downs. Your smart, well read, up on current events and pop culture. You have an opinion and not afraid to share it. You have quite a collection of knowledge stacked up in that cute little noggin of yours. Your an awesome mommy , daughter, friend. You have crazy mad style and a killer smile & giggle. You, doll face are a catch! And you know what its all true each and every last syllable.

So you dear reader... whom ever you maybe, wherever you may be know and recognize someone like me... can't be broken. The prize is me and all I posses.