Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thursday Eats

Picture 259

So here are my eats for Thursday. I arrived late to work today. But I got the extra sleep I was needing so oh well.

Grande (I should have only got a tall since I did not finish it all) toffee nut latte
Blueberry Scone

In the box:
Cheese stick, left over pasta (Thursday is left over night at my casa... so guess what we are having tonight... that's right this same pasta)
garden salad with red pepper dressing, and a hard boiled egg.

David... Cutie Snap of the Week

Picture 255

Picture 256

A snap of BBD in the back yard a couple of weeks ago. I have not posted about our backyard activities so I thought I would just post a pic and blog about all of the backyard stuff, gardening work we have done and all of the stuff the boys DON"T play with another day. I love these pictures of him so cute!

Market Run This Week

Picture 257

I stopped in at the local Safeway this week to pick up some items for dinner. I made fish tacos on Tuesday and of course forgot to snap a pic and blog about it but here are some of the ingredients I used.

Cole Slaw- I did not feel like chopping cabbage on Tuesday so I took the lazy way out
A bunch of cilantro- for flavoring and garnish
Frozen Tilapia- Because they were in a chimichurri sauce and like I said I was feeling lazy.
A lime- for flavor, sorry it was a Tuesday no Coronas
Horizon Little Blends Yogurts- I have not seen these before and I was intrigued by the flavor combo banana and sweet potato? We will see if its good. Keep an eye out for a fabmama review in the near future

So what did you get on your market run this week?

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hump Day Breakfast and Box

My new favorite breakfast thanks to my gf Karin. Plain rice cakes (unsalted) smeared with peanut butter ( 1 tsp) and a half of a banana. Total yummy points 2.5. I love it it keeps me satisfied until about 11 or so. Which is good since I eat lunch between 11- and 12 each day .

In the lunch box
Sandwich with provolone cheese and turkey breast. Raspberry yogurt, FiberOne bar and an orange I know I will not eat. about 8 points total

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuedsay Eats

Picture 259

Breakfast: unslated rice cake, 1 table spoon peanut butter , half banana and a drizzle of honey
Tall Soy vanilla latte

Lunch: Yogurt with 18 rabbits granola. ham sandwich with cheese and spinach,  Orange and WW red velvet 1 point bar. 

I should publish the points  and may log back in later to do so but I have spent a lot of time bloggin this am and really should get some work done.

Mama Sundays

Picture 258

WOW! for the first time in awhile my week looks pretty not busy. This is a little surprising since E started school again this week and we are back to our old schedule and business.

Last Sunday was my first official "Sunday Off". The joys of having a house full of men has finally shined its happy sun on me and now that its football season E has offered up taking care of the boys all day and teaching them about football and vegging out man style while I have loads of free time.

Last week (8/23) I celebrated my first Sunday off by catching a movie with my fab cousin S. We saw a random movie "A Perfect Getaway". It was kinda suspenseful and kinda lame all wrapped into one ball of drama. I mean it was not awful but it was not worthy of any award with the upcoming award season almost upon us.

We then ended the afternoon with lunch and wine at Pasta Pomodoro. One of our favorite places to catch a bite. We had an afternoon of gossip, girl chat and laughs. It was fun and I am looking forward to scheduling another Sunday date with her soon... since I have so much time on my hands.

What was really nice about Sunday was I put on a crock pot of chicken carrots, potatoes and onions before I left the house. By the time I got home all I had to do was whip up some homemade gravy and serve. I ended the night with quick but exciting date with my little LMG to Target our favorite place to shop together.

So I have weeks ahead of me of free Sundays. I am thinking maybe I can take class of sorts, maybe a photography class, a yoga class, a pottery class or cooking.I need to come up with something before I end up getting bored on Sundays. That would be no good. Any suggestions?

Preschool Ninja

Crumpled mess on the floor. What a messy Mama you must be thinking. Guess again.

This is LMG's new trick. After we put him to bed at night. While we are watching TV or relaxing on the couch he sneaks out of his room like a preschool ninja. No, really. He crawls out and drags his blanket with him covering himself with the blanket. It's kinda weird. Like you feel something different like someone is watching you... you look over see his door open and then look into the hall way and you see the blanket crumpled on the floor...

And Then...

He pops up and says "Its me Gabriel!"

The first time he did this it cracked us up. E and I could not stop laughing. I mean it was Hilarious with a capital H!

In truth We probably laughed to hard because now he loves to do this just to make us laugh and to try and stay up a little longer. Most times it works.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Market Loot

Just an idea of what $102 gets you at trader joes. E recently took over the shopping while he was on summer break. He thinks he does a more efficent job but checking out the loot leafs me to believe I need to start taking this task back on.

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Spud Box

In the box this week:
Many salad greens...too many infact
Two red peppers
Heirloom tomatos
Bunched carrots
Dees mini donuts
18 rabbit bar

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Friday, August 21, 2009

Not So Fab Friday

So today started out ok and quickly turned to crap! I took my usual walk but cut it a little short so I could sit down smell the roses and enjoy some sunshine.

Not the cutest look but my feet slip in these mules

A blurry leaf and my pocket

Purple kinda day

The overhead look from a spot in front of my office before I started walking I would sit here on my lunch and eat. Kinda pretty but too noisey.

Hope my Friday gets better.

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Picture 248

Two Words: THANK GOD!

I know may sound selfish right? But its the truth. I really have not been feeling myself for a few weeks and I swear I felt a movement in my body a few times now over the last month or so. But the test says no another little is not on the way. Which is good because I really don't think I can keep up with three babies, and work and just life in general. The only thing I can think of that has me feeling so low is that I have been staying up to late at night and the movement must be phantom c section throbs. You would that almost 2 years after the last section these pains would go away but occasionally I feel what feels like baby flutter in my belly. I remember the doctor saying that the movements ( I swear they feel like kicks) are nerve endings trying to re connect. EEEK scary.

Preschool Art Month 2

Ok, so LMG has been in preschool for just shy of two months and I think its funny that all of his art looks the same. I can tell you I have a craft drawer full of these same splotches of color,but with different color choices. Very cute, very artistic, but very funny too. Oh well, I hope as he gets older he will grow as an artist.

Happy Friday

Happy Friday to you! I feel like it has been forever since I have blogged, and it has been just over a week. Sorry its been busy getting E back on track to get back to school(he's a teacher) and getting geared up for the end of the summer activities, getting the littles adjusted to their new schedules and just all around stuff I have been doing.Yikes!

So my Friday day dream is to be anywhere but work today.

Like sitting here relaxing enjoying the sunshine.

And sipping one of these. YUM!

I have another busy weekend planned. Another girls night out with a very good friend tonight. Play date with the littles at the lake tomorrow, date night with E on Saturday night and Sunday my first official day off. Having sons has finally payed off now that its football season I have been released from all mommy responsibilities on Sundays and get a day to myself , all by myself each week WOW! Love it!

What are your plans for the weekend?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Hump Day

I just wanted to post a little hello!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Interestingness from the Asain art museum

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

More Fall Shopping


More fall shopping. Gees this list is growing. I am totally lusing after these coats.

#1 Jessica Simpson Fluted Wool Coat (spice)
#2 Michael Kors Walking Coat (navy)
#3 Impermeable Platnimum Vest (orange)
#4Burberry Trench (red with buckles)
#5 Betsey Johnson Quilted Coat (red)

I of course do not need five coats this fall but its nice to daydream
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Family Photos

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Good Friend that I have known forever Tanya Mally Shot these wonderful pictures of our family. They were taken at Lake Chabot in CV a few months back I have just been to busy to post them believe it or not. These are a few of my favorites. Click here to learn more about tanya

Dinner and Dinner For Littles

Stuffed bell peppers and pasta.
I did a two for dinner plan tonight. Weather was perfect to cook in the oven and heat up my little casa.

Browned ground turkey meat and added seasoning, basil, lemon pepper,oregano. While the meat was browning I started noodles and chopped down veggies... Mushrooms , carrots ,red onion and broccoli. After meat had started cooking and was finishing up I added the chopped down veggies. While all if this was simmering and smelling yum I chopped off the tops if three green bell peppers and gutted them.

After turkey meat and veggies were cooked I preheated the oven to 350 . Spooned out some turkey filling and spooned into the peppers. Topped them with cheese. Placed them in baking dish.

On to the pasta. After draining the noodles I mixed the noodles turkey meat and veggies and pasta sauce together. I filled up a large baking dish with the mixed up pasta and then topped with shredded cheese.

I of course forgot to take a picture of the finished product but it was both yummy and nice looking. Thus was my first attempt at stuffing peppers. They came out really good. This one night of cooking will stretch the next couple of days.

Peppers and salad
Pasta and salad
ok not that many days but one less night I have to cook right? Works for me.

And the littles what did they eat...

Pasta with bananas and carrot pick up dips. Served with a favorite of theirs hummus with shredded cheese

What the heck is a pick up dips ?Chopped whatever in this case bananas and baby carrots.

Other choices:
String cheese
Bread sticks
Cubes of bread or slices
Slices of apples
Sliced up waffles

Serve a dippable in the plate. I serve our pickup dips in mini silicone cupcake liners and other bento box bits and bobs I have found along the way.

Ideas for dips

Peanut butter
Almond butter
Pumpkin butter
Marinara sauce

Then serve with a pick up . My littles love cheese but other ideas are:

Shredded cheese
Crushed pumpkin seeds
Any other seeds you may fancy
Chopped up dried fruit
Gerber puffs
Chocolate chips

The idea is to take the "stick" dip it in your dip and pick up the pick ups . The littles LOVE this. We have some kind of pick up dips a lot in this house. Why? Because it's fun and I have found that the funner I make a meal or snack the more likely they are to eat it.

Sample pickup dips
Cheese stick trader joes
Papaya mango salsa trader joes
Shredded cheese

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