Thursday, November 22, 2012


I woke up this morning snuggled in between the two loves of my life. One snoozing soundly, more with his arm laced through mine. G looked up and said "it's turkey day momma happy Thanksgiving!". He quickly woke up his brother up and they scampered off to play in a room and make the noise that all little boys make early in the morning.

I looked up and the ceiling. Another year has passed. This year a much better one. I am grateful and full of thanks for every twist and turn God has sent my way.

It's been a long while since I have wrote here on my blog. I have been so busy building a new life. My heart kinda lives here on this blog. I have been wanting to take some time to tap out some thoughts.

I went to church last week with a good friend. I sat and listened to a sermon I really needed to hear. It clarified a struggle I have been seeking solace over. It helped. After the service we took our little ones to a play area and talked about life, as we often do.  A list of things came to my head that I stopped doing just because someone walked away from my life. Things I loved, I took pleasure and pride in.

The list grew the more I thought about it. Was it time, resources or just plain loss of enthusiasm that kinda took me from the place I created and nurtured and worked so hard at once upon a time. I decided to make blogging a priority in my life again. To record the happiness, the growing, the everything that happens at my little nest. Along with the blogging just picking things back up that I let go.Living my life as it was intended to live, moving along keeping on since its essentially what that sermon last week sang out to me. Like I said it was much needed.