Monday, August 29, 2011

From the mouths of babes

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

What's Snackin'

Always looking for a fun snack around our little nest and since we are entering kindergarten and there was a notice about g's class being a nut free zone I thought I would experiment a little this afternoon. Still planning lunch menus over here but I have one more week to come up with lunch box brilliance.

Celery sticks with black bean salsa sprinkled with pepper jack cheese. It's the yum!

To quote yo gabba gabba - try it you'll like it!

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!


Friday night g and I attended the ice cream social at his elementary school. It was the big reveal... We learned what class he was going to be in and what his teachers name will be. Needless to say we were pleased as punch to be going to this big event.

I gotta get last minute stuff squared away this weekend then Monday is the big day ... I really don't know how I'm going to feel but I'm sure it will be a morning with some tears.

Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

Tales from the blue alligator- my boy is sick

That's me and the wee one my boy David. Today he became ill and tossed his cookies in his mummy's car while they were getting last minute errands taken care of before his big day. Monday will be his first day of preschool. Him and his mum are rather excited. What adventures and friends await him? I as a blue alligator can only imagine . I have never been to preschool. Im hoping for a bath sometime this weekend so I can tag along.

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

Saturday, August 20, 2011



Listening - the sounds -hurt you
Doing - sitting under the dryer at the salon, blogging, tweet rolling
Feeling - rested ... Sleep is good
Needing - A shopping trip and gossip session. There is still lots of weekend left

Snaps from the week ... Here we go.

The secrets little boys keep

Listens ? Really wow that's a shocker



Silly boy

No doubt this is my baby
All he needs is some spectacles.
The smile , the hat, a thing for bags . What can I say I bake , frost,and sprinkle well.

And some food porn - for good measure.

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Preschool visit

We woke up. We had a short dance party. We got ready for our preschool visit . Yes, this is happening. Another happy first to document. We are very proud.

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

When I can't sleep, I write. In my journal, in the notebook I keep by my bed, on this blog. It occurred to me today I have been a single parent for over a year now. Wow time flies. There have been rough patches and there have been tears. Betrayal and upset are no strangers to me now. Really , nothing is shocking to me anymore . I wanted to clear a thought up, for the record just because I'm getting child support does not mean I'm not a single parent. I single handedly manage my children. Yes, I get help from my mom and dad but that comes with a price. I'm the tear dryer, the snuggle bunny momma bear, the cook, the teacher , the doctor mom nurse. I am the one who makes up whimsical stories about mer-boys and octopuses who eat lollipops. I am the live in maid the person who gives the hugs and kisses that are needed each and everyday . I am the one who sees my moms door fly open each afternoon and swoops up little men into my arms singing them praise as I hear their delighted giggles as they greet me happy for our little family of three to be reunited. I also play the bad cop the one to say no, the disciplinarian. I hear more often then i would like to I am hated and that they don't love me anymore when I tell them no , or when we have run out of cookies. Again, after this year nothing shocks me. It's part of the growing pains and adjustments that we are still making. It's a rhythm you find along the way. Sometimes you stumble but you have to pick right back up and continue to do the best you can with what you've got. What I have is love plenty to give and lots to receive. And in the end that is all that really matters for us three.

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!

Friday, August 12, 2011

I guess I'm there...

The place everyone said I would be the calm over it bubble,the ready to move on with my life for my sons and myself spot. It's a place full of hope and dreams. Adventures yet to be had smiles and laughs yet to be shared. I'm ready and willing to open myself up to whatever comes my way with arms wide open.

- Curlie Girlie blogging on the go!