Friday, July 31, 2009

Daily Walk

I thought I would take you on my daily walk today.This route I take is about 1 and a half miles that I make it back from in 30 minutes( I only take a 30 minute lunch to pocket some always offered overtime.. YES I am a fast walker! )Here are some sights I see during my walk.

Picture 227
random neighborhood I pass w-f on my daily lunch walk

Picture 242
Picture 241
Looking forward to this getting completed I need some gardening inspiration

Next Stop Dog Park
Picture 235

Picture 226
I don't own a dog but I can see why it's a popular place to find pooches
Picture 231

Picture 229
A gathering of shady trees

Picture 238
Plum tree I think... it leaves a mess on the ground that for sure

Picture 239
Another random neighborhood

Picture 232
A park to play. Next time E brings the littes down to meet me for lunch we are going to have a picnic here.

Picture 237
Picture 233
cute huh!

Picture 236
Garbage men hard at work

Picture 228

Picture 234
ROAR! Yep I pass a dino everyday. It always makes me think of the littles

IPhone Snaps of Monterey Trip

Picture 199

China Rock 17 Mile Drive

Picture 189
Plucked from the sea.. by me

Picture 202

Picture 197
Starfish was munching on some mussels when I turned him over so I returned him after some shots so he could finish his lunch

Picture 183
My Love E checking out the scenery

Picture 191

Picture 194
Sea Side Smooch

Pictures form my iphone on our Monterey trip. This location is China Rock 17 Mile Road. We snapped more with the D80 and I will share that album soon.

Carmel Mission

While we were in Monterey we made took a drive down to Carmel to sight see. We stopped in at the Carmel Mission and spent a lot of time there wandering the corridors, the gardens ,the cemetery, the museum, and of course the chapel. It was my first visit to the Mission and I think it was my favorite part of our trip.It was drenched in history. Old maps of California,old robes the priests used for mass. The chapel itself was awe inspiring. Just the quite calmness of the rows of benches, art and sense of worship that posses you when you walk in and bless yourself with holy water. I was compelled to kneel and pray.

Picture 192
Beautiful art work of the Holy Family
Picture 204
I love the look of these tiles, the art work was beautifully crafted
Picture 206
Carmel Mission
Picture 180
more of the mission

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Bit Of Shopping

Made a stop in at TJ's on the way home today. I picked up some things for the house and some refreshments for a girls night I an hosting on Friday night.

Wine, raw materials for my famous(well that's what I am told) and a few extras planned for the light but yummy menu.

A closer look at my shopping cart reminds me to never go shopping when I am hungry. It always leads to a snack attack shopping cart.

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CV fab mama/curlie girlie gone mobile!

Played hookie on Wednesday and spent a day in the city with E. King Tut is in SF after being gone for 30 years and we have been dying to see the exhibit and his treasures. We headed over to the DeYoung Museum it was so crowded for a Wednesday morning good grief!

The exhibit was closed to all phones and flash photography so all I could really document were bits and nobs around the mueseum store. The exhibit was awesome. Really impressive. It was a little disappointing to not see the saccarophgus or the death mask but we read that they no longer tour because they are so fragile. Makes sense .... Their absentence did not really take away from te showcase. At first, I thought it did but thinking back it was really a once in a lifetime opportunity andit wad not shabby at all. I would recommend seeing it while it's in SF if you are in the SF area.

After Tut we headed over to scoma's on pier 39 for a late lunch. The service sucked hardcore thus time around but hey nit everyday can be a great day.Before heading home I popped in to Kara's Cupcakes to pick up some yumminess for the casa.


All in all a good day!

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CV fab mama/curlie girlie gone mobile!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Playing hookie

Stayed home from work today. An adventure is on the horizion.

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CV fab mama/curlie girlie gone mobile!

Monday, July 27, 2009


Picture 221

My list of Sunday activities was put on hold when BBD had to go to the emergency room for getting sand in his eye. I know not really an emergency, but when your baby is crying and rubbing his eye nonstop for 3 hours you become a little frantic. Earlier in the day BBD was playing in his sand box and must have gotten something in his eye. We ran to Target to get some shopping done but before we left i noticed the puffy, redness swelling and tearing. After lots of flushing of his little eyeball and then his eye not opening at all I called the advice nurse and hustled him in.

Almost 3 hours later I arrived home with a still not so happy little guy with an scratched cornea and pupil. I know not a life altering aliment but I was happy I got it looked at and medication for it so it would not get worse. BTW by the time we left the hospital the piece of sand must have come out because the doctor could not find it. David got some drops to numb his eyeball and then some florescent drops put in so we could see if there were scratches under a back light. Such an adventure.

Picture 222
finger monitor as we were being admitted

Picture 213
Picture 215

Picture 217

Picture 219
He does not look unhappy with all the running around he was doing in the waiting room but if you look closely the left eye is puffy and red.

Picture 223
with his hospital glove balloon.. thanks to the nurse he was a little happier after that.

Picture 218

Picture 216

Picture 214
I was more irritated about the divit then David was

Picture 224
Headed home after a long day of eye rubbing and waiting.Once we got there David requested some lucky charms cereal and some playtime while I cleaned his room and Gabriel's room. Never any rest for mama. BTW we have drops we need to put in his eye for the next 10 days 2 drops four times a day, to make sure the scratch does not get an infection. His eye still looking puffy but he is still a handsome baby.