Friday, October 2, 2009

The Fall Return Of The Spud Box

Picture 331

Hi Ho Hi Ho  The Spud box returns yo yo. After a long summer of not really cooking as much as I should the Spud Box is back in action at the casa de me.
In the  box  this week:

       Bananas, Fair Trade - 4
      Broccoli - 1
      Celery - 1
      Cucumbers - small - 1
      Lettuce, Green Leaf - 1
      Oranges, Valencia - 4
      Potatoes, Yukon - 2 lb (
      Spinach - Bunched - 1  (
      Sprouts, Alfalfa - 4 oz clamshell - 1      
      Squash, Butternut - 1          
      Tomatoes, Assorted Heirloom - 1 lb

* did you see an anxious little hand trying to get into the box

Picture 318That was  BbD having a fit to get into the bananas... his favorite.

Picture 317
And my favorite thing in my Spud box this week... these gorgeous heirloom tomatos. Are they not the prettiest things? I love end of the season tomoatos both yummy and pretty. I am looking forward to enjoying this little lovlies soon.

Sad news Spud box  fans. It seems the Dee's mini doughnuts  my litles and I have a crush on are not at Spud anymore. What the heck? So sad. I will miss them and hope that they will magically reappear one day soon.

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