Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thursday Lunch Box

Thursdays  Lunch Box
Banana (2)
laughing cow cheese wedge (1)
TJ apple cereal bar (2)
TR juice (2)
Wrap with proscuitto, tortilla, sprouts,mustard and 1 tomato (3)

I also had on tall skinny vanilla latte and a pumpkin scone from starbucks. I only get startbucks on Thursdays now if I am up early enough to get it pnj my own adn not send a  girl  from work to fetch it for me . Points  I am estimating  about 8 but not sure for sure. I will be sure to go on a walk during lunch and then I have a massage session today  and that always burns calories believe it or notand depending on the strokes I use deep tissue, chops , etc I get a little mini upper body work out .I have to skip the gym today as it's E's b day and I need to get home to prepare for all of the fun. We are not having anything super special just our favorite take out and a little cupcake party with the littles. Then hopefully a nice night to enjoy each others company it feels like its been forever since we have sat on the couch together and caught up with each others lives.

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