Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Hi there!

Remember us? It's been so long. So tell me what have you been up to?
Lots has been happening with the littles and me.

Where do I start? Well, maybe a tiny little rewind is in order.

My ex husband and I split up four years ago. This was not my decision, but it's how it ended up. For a very long time I was hurt and broken. The split took my zest for life out of me. It caused my light to burn dimmer. This was a huge mistake that I allowed to happen. I wallowed in a sadness that my spirit and the spirits of my children were not made to wallow in. I stopped pretty much everything that was happening in my life. Anything that gave me joy.

After awhile I was able to pick up pieces and rebuild a life. A life that's much better suited for me.

I started a business doing something I'm wildly passionate about. Massage Therapy. I have been practicing massage on a very low key level for over a decade. Owning and operating a practice was always my dream.
I feel very strongly, that when one dreams door is closed, the next dreams door swings open. Call it faith in God, in the universe, in whatever you want to call it. I just know that when the call came I rose to the occasion and answered it.

While running my practice, my littles were growing up quickly and both enrolled in school. I decided to also further my education and sent my self back to school. It was a hard 6 month journey, but I came out on top of my new learned craft and as shiny as ever.
Life goes on, happily and with out delay. So much growing has happened in our lives. Struggles over come. Giggles were made as well as beautiful memories i failed to document here. But, we are still here. Living, growing, thriving. New players have come up to our path. Some walked awhile others walked away. What remains is the constant force and love of the three of us. My littles and me.

- Michelle :)

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